What is an Authorized Distributor?

What does authorized distributor mean?

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A distributor who is authorized to sell large quantities of products to commercial customers online or in retail outlets; this is as opposed to a private seller who will sell only a few items to his customers.

Authorized DistributorTo become an authorized dealer or distributor you will need to meet certain requirements that will be laid out by the service provider or manufacturer. The specifics required will vary depending on the company that you will be distributing to, a distributing license generally being one of the criteria that you will need to meet.

Authorized distributors often receive training from the manufacturer, and in some cases they are the exclusive distributor for a region. This puts customers at ease, since they know they are dealing with a distributor who has a direct tie and close relationship with the manufacturer.

If you are considering becoming an authorized distributor, be sure to check out the opportunity with the Better Business Bureau because there are scams and fraudulent offers out there.

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