Trade Show Explained: Everything You Need to Know

What does trade show mean?

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A trade show is an event, usually held once a year, that is sponsored by a trade association for a specific industry. Nearly every industry has some form of trade show, and there are thousands that occur each year. Most trade shows aren’t open to the general public, and are specifically for representatives of companies in the specific industry or press members. There are a number of sources to find out about trade shows in your industry or in your area such as The Trade Show Network or Trade Show News.

Trade ShowAnother way to find out about upcoming trade shows is to contact either the trade association for your industry, or your local convention center. Trade shows are planned well in advance, and if there’s one in the upcoming year, either group would know about them, and would be able to give you dates and locations.

Trade show exhibitions have long been an excellent way to find new customers and grow your business. Decision makers often attend trade shows, and yet most of those surveyed have said they were never called on by a salesperson before attending a trade show. Furthermore, trade shows can be an economical way to generate new customers and sales.

Trade shows also remain incredibly popular, with thousands going on all across the globe each year. Part of the draw is the locations, with large trade shows usually in such holiday hotspots as Las Vegas and Orlando.

In short, a trade show is an excellent way to get more recognition within an industry, and a cost effective means for attracting new customers. Try to focus on trade shows that closely align with your own business, and those that have a large number of popular exhibitors for the best results.

Rebekah Carter

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