What is PageRank?

What does PageRank mean?

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A page ranking system from Google that ranks pages and their importance. PageRanks places an emphasis on inbounds links to determine the importance of pages. PageRank uses a ten point scale, with a rank of 10 being the highest a page can achieve. There are very few pages with a PageRank of 10, and the proportion decreases as the internet continues to grow exponentially.

PageRankPageRank was named after its founder, Larry Page, who is also one of the founders of Google. The importance of websites is measured by the page ranking. By counting the number as well as the quality of the links to a website, it is the first algorithm that was used by Google. By use of the algorithm, Google will work out the ranking of a page and how popular and important the content is.

PageRank used to be a visible metric, meaning you could actually view the PageRank of each page on the internet, but due to manipulation and gaming of the system Google removed the PageRank metric the PageRank score was removed from public view on April 15, 2016. Even prior to that, the PageRank had been very infrequently updated in the Google toolbar. Google is still using the PageRank algorithm as part of its ranking factors.

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