What is a Domain?

What does domain mean?

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The root address for a website or web page. The domain is the element of a DNS (domain name system) that indicates the IP address of a website or a computer. When more than one computer shares a common part of the same IP address they are said to be in the same domain.

While numbers are great for computers and software, people arenโ€™t so great with numbers, which is why the domain name system was created. It translates the long numerical IP addresses into alphanumeric strings that can be more easily remembered by people.

DomainTo understand the meaning of the domain name system, you can think of a tree that has several branches. The domain would be a limb of the tree that incorporates all the branches of the tree that originate from it.

When people think of domains they often think of just the second level domain, but the fact is every website has both a second level domain and a top level domain. For example, the site you are on now is staging.ecommerce-platforms.com. The part you probably recognize as the domain is โ€œecommerce-platformsโ€, but this is only the second level domain. The other part, โ€œcomโ€ is known as the top-level domain, or TLD. You may have seen other top level domains, such as .net, .org or even .pizza! While .com is the original top level domain for commercial ventures, such as ecommerce websites, there are literally hundreds of different top level domains available these days.

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