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GreenGeeks Review – Eco-Friendly Hosting, But Is It Good?

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Finding a reliable hosting provider is often difficult. There are so many choices available out there, and it primarily depends on the kind of web hosting you require. Do you want cloud hosting, or do you want a dedicated host? Or, are you looking for a cheaper option, such as shared hosting?

GreenGeeks is a hosting provider that was founded in 2009 by Trey Gardner. The company has data centers in the United States (Chicago, Phoenix), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and Canada (Toronto, Montreal), and currently hosts more than 300,000 websites.

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The 6 Best Mobile POS Systems For 2022

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Mobile POS systems are all the rage right now, and as we head into 2022, their adoption rate is only going to increase. The pandemic laid bare the problems with the conventional checkout process, and companies began looking at more efficient, and more hygienic, ways to process payments.

Mobile POS systems aren’t new, but they have grown in popularity considerably in the past couple of years. Square is widely considered by many as the best mobile POS system available today.

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There are a host of different payment platforms that you can partner with to process payments for your digital business. However, finding the right one is often difficult, especially when you consider the variable rates and different features offered by each. is one of the oldest cloud-based payments platforms in the industry, having launched in 2012.

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A Comprehensive Zendesk Review (May 2022) – The Best Help Desk Solution?

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Zendesk is a suite of customer support and sales apps that are widely used around the globe. The company creates software programs that help with engagement, customer support, and sales.

If your business has a digital presence, you will want to invest in a robust help desk software solution through which you can manage new leads, and offer support to existing customers. With Zendesk, you can do it all. Their services became all the more important as companies transitioned to online models during the global pandemic.

While there are quite a few alternatives out there, Zendesk is still the market leader when it comes to offering support solutions. Its extensive suite of software apps are geared towards businesses of all sizes.

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Best Affiliate Management Services for 2022

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online. To make money with affiliate marketing, all you need is to join an affiliate program from a merchant, and start promoting their products.

However, while it seems simple, there are actually quite a few intricacies involved. Affiliate networks, for instance, make it easy for affiliate marketers to create new partnerships and find high-paying affiliate programs.

Affiliate management services, or systems, are slightly different. Instead of helping affiliates discover brands, these management services help brands discover affiliates. Many affiliate management services allow companies to connect with affiliate partners to boost your business.

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The Best Buy Now Pay Later Apps


The number of buy now pay later apps continues to increase as demand for financing services increases. The global pandemic has severely affected the average person’s purchasing power, but that hasn’t prevented most from splurging on things they like.

Buy now pay later apps allow you to buy whatever you like, but instead of paying the whole amount right away, you can pay the amount in installments. In most cases, the installments are usually interest-free, but that depends on the payment plan.

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The Shopify Free Trial in 2022 – How Many Days Do You Get?


Shopify is one of the largest hosted platforms in the ecommerce space. If you are interested in starting a new online store, you will probably want to try Shopify before you buy. Since this is a hosted ecommerce platform, the company will handle everything related to payments and hosting.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty big commitment, so most people would generally want some sort of a trial period before they fully decide to jump ship and migrate their entire store to Shopify. It doesn’t matter whether you are launching a new dropshipping store or planning to move an existing store on Shopify, you will want to give it a try first to determine whether it’s feasible for you or not.

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Best Accounting Software for Ecommerce in 2022

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If you are on the lookout for the best accounting software for ecommerce stores, you should know that there’s no “one size fits all” solution. With so many different accounting software solutions on the market, it can be a bit confusing to select the right one. For instance, a small business may not want to choose an expensive solution for sending invoices, as it could severely impair their profit margins.

Ecommerce business owners need to evaluate the pros and cons very carefully when selecting any accounting software solution. Of course, you will want basic features such as invoicing, inventory management, credit card charging facility, sales tax incorporation, and essential bookkeeping solutions.

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