Tailor Brands Review 2023: A Complete Guide to Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is a Comprehensive Brand Design and Marketing Solution

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In this Tailor Brands review, we’re looking at an all-in-one platform for branding and marketing. This powerful ecosystem offers a full selection of brand design and advertising tools, so you can launch your presence online quickly and effectively.

Business leaders often have to rely on hiring professional graphic designers and similar experts to create everything from logos to social media assets.

Tailor Brands helps to eliminate this extra expense and complexity, by giving companies everything they need to dive into branding themselves. You can create a website with the tool, make a logo from scratch, and put your branding on everything you can think of.

Let’s take a closer look at what Tailor Brands can do.

What is Tailor Brands?

Tailor brands is an all-in-one, AI-powered platform for branding and business development. Launched initially as an automatic logo creation tool, Tailor Brands has evolved over the years to give business leaders everything they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace.

With Tailor Brands, users get a single environment where they can plan, launch, and grow an effective company. There’s a logo maker and design suite, LLC formation tool, website builder and more. In other words, you get a true one-stop-shop for business development.

Currently, more than 30 million companies have launched with the help of Tailor Brands, and the solution is consistently growing.

In today’s review, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the features you can leverage within this platform, and how useful they really are.

Tailor Brands Pricing

Interestingly, Tailor Brands isn’t quite as straightforward or transparent with its pricing as it could be. The subscription-based service doesn’t have an easy-to-find pricing page on the website. After a little research however, we found these are the common pricing packages for Tailor Brands:

  • Basic: The Basic plan is charged at $3.99 per month when paid annually. You can also pay an $9.99 per month on a monthly basis to access full ownership of your logo and get high-quality logo files, create your digital card, upload images, and use the website builder or graphic design tools.
  • Standard: $5.99 per month annually, or $19.99 per month on a month-to-month basis. This plan comes with all the features of Basic, plus Vector EPS files for your logo, branded business decks and presentations, website builder access, and online blog creation.
  • Premium: $12.99 per month annually or $49.99 per month billed monthly, with all the features of Standard, as well as a social media auto-scheduler, analytics tools, online store creation, product selling on Facebook and Instagram, and online payment options.

There’s also an extra discount available for companies who commit to a 2-year contract. Plus, you can start playing around with the free website builder without spending anything. Just remember you’ll need to pay for a plan if you want to access the files for your logo.

tailor brands review - pricing

Tailor Brands is reasonably affordable, and you get to access a lot of features for free, including logo previews. The pricing is suitable for small business owners who want to use Tailor Brands to create a range of branding tools. For business owners and entrepreneurs who just want to create a logo, the price might seem a little high, particularly for a single month.

However, if you’re creating a business name, add-on components for your website and more, then this could be a good tool for you.

The customer reviews for Tailor brands rate the company quite highly. Plus, you can always make a little of your money back with an affiliate commission.

Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Let’s start by looking at the first solution originally developed by Tailor Brands – the AI-driven logo maker. Most online logo makers are relatively basic, but they can offer companies an effective way to get started online without relying on the input of a professional designer. The Tailor Brands logo maker is simple and straightforward, with embedded AI to help you get started.

To begin, you’ll provide some basic details about your organization, including your name, industry, and a little information about what your company does. Next, you choose a logo type. There’s the option to pick from a wordmark, monogram, or an icon.

tailor brands review choose logo type
Choose Logo Type Example

Once you have your logo type, Tailor Brands AI algorithm will generate a variety of fonts for you to explore, and you can select your favorites. The system then creates a select of unique logos, and you can pick one to start editing. The in-built designer allows you to alter the fonts, icons, and colors as much as you like, before you download a high-res vector EPS, SVG, or PNG file.

The logo options are great, and ideal for uploading straight to a Wix, WordPress, or any other site if you don’t want to build your website with Tailor Brands too.

tailor brands logo example

Overall, Tailor Brands provides a host of logo variations to explore, from abstract geometric shapes, to icons, and wordmarks. You can get creative by mixing different styles of fonts, like “Elegant” or “Masculine”, before you’re given your range of logos to choose from. Editing your logo is easy too. You can adjust the shape of the design, the layout of the logo, and everything else you can think of, then save designs before you choose your final option.

Here's what you can expect from the logo designer:

  • 100s of design variations, all customizable to suit your specific brand.
  • High-resolution logo files with transparent backgrounds, so you can use your brand logo anywhere, from on your website, to vehicle signage.
  • 21 resized versions of your logo specifically positioned to work well on social media.
  • A suite of branded assets available for free, such as a brand book, business cards, branded letterheads, seasonal logos and more.
  • Exceptional customer support from a super-knowledgeable service team.
  • An easy and intuitive designer so you can customize your logo to suit your needs

Tailor Brands Website Builder

The Tailor Brands ecosystem also offers easy access to a comprehensive website builder, so you can start creating a unique online presence. You’ll be able to create a fully branded website, using a wide range of professional looking templates. You can also connect and purchase your own custom domain, which is ideal for making your business stand out.

tailor brands website builder

Tailor Brands premium subscribers will be able to choose from either using DIY templates and advanced editing tools to design their website, or the automated builder.

The automated builder is particularly useful for business leaders with limited time, and coding knowledge. The streamlined solution creates fully responsive websites instantly, with the option to choose exactly which sections you want to add to your website. You can edit the footer, header, and individual sections as much as you like. However, there are only 5 styles to choose from.

The advanced builder is a little more complex, but it also gives you a lot more freedom. You’ll need a little web design knowledge, but you can set the layout manually for mobile and tablet designers, create and organize pages and pop-ups, and drag-and-drop widgets onto your site. You can also add your own online store, and customize your site settings as much as you like.

More advanced functionality does require a more expensive subscription with Tailor Brands, but it might be worth it for bigger companies. Interestingly, once you switch to the advanced logo builder, you also can’t switch back to the “automated” alternative without creating a new logo or copying your existing logo before returning to the site builder.

Digital Business Card and Branded Assets

If you’re looking for a simple way to combine all of your contact information in one place, you can also create a branded “digital business card” with Tailor Brands. This is a simple solution where you can choose the design of your card, select your brand colors, upload a picture, and add a range of automated contact options to help customers reach you online.

The branded cards come with their own QR codes, and you can add a link to your email and social media posts, or use at as your “link in bio” on Instagram. While you can start editing relatively quickly, you will need one of the paid subscription plans to access the more advanced settings.

Outside of a website, domain, and digital business card, Tailor Brands also includes:

A Social Theme Editor

The social theme editor ensures all of your social assets follow your unique brand design. You can create uniform themes for your Twitter thumbnails and covers, Instagram Stories, YouTube banners, LinkedIn content and Facebook posts or profiles. You even get tools to help you enhance your advertising across each social media channel.

The editing process is straightforward, leveraging Tailor Brands’ intelligent building and customization tools. You can choose background theme styles, font sets, and more, and quickly create a comprehensive social media aesthetic.

Print store and Merchandise

Aside from creating your own logo and design elements, you can also print your brand components on a range of different products. There are comprehensive business cards, which come with 19 templates to get you started, all with a range of comprehensive customization options. All you need to do is type in your business information and place an order.

The merchandise options mean you can create stunning branded products for your team members or customers. There are print-on-demand options for totes, backpacks, t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers, notebooks, pens, and just about everything else you can think of. You can even create mugs and water bottles, phone, and laptop cases, and miscellaneous products too. However, the only thing you can customize is your brand logo, which can be added to the items.

Business Mailbox

Tailor brands even allows you to create your own professional business mailbox, powered by G-Suite with the Google cloud. This ensures you can maintain a more consistent image when interacting with your customers online.

The comprehensive mailbox can include your own domain name, and it comes with a range of Google-powered communication tools such as calendars and Hangouts. You even get a handy 30GB of storage to use however you need.

All you need to do is log into your Tailor Brands Studio, select the Mailbox tab, and enter the email address you want. From there, you can choose your preferred subscription plan, fill out the registration form, and get your business mailbox up and running. If you have a standard or premium plan with Tailor Brands, your domain will be free for the first year.

LLC Formation

Another tool Tailor Brands offers to help you get your company up and running online, is an LLC formation ecosystem. You can start your LLC quickly and conveniently, without having to worry about hiring a professional or legal expert. You can start by simply choosing your LLC state on the website, and clicking the “Get Started” button.

You’ll need to choose a name for your LLC, file articles of organization within the Tailor Brands dashboard, and choose a registered agent. From there, you can create an operating agreement, apply for an EIN, and make sure you’re complying with local tax requirements.

The platform has a step-by-step guidance system to walk you through every step of the process. You only need to answer a few questions and upload some basic information to get started, and the Tailor Brands team will submit your application for you.

Once you have your LLC, you’ll be able to more effectively protect your business assets, and own a business bank account. However, it’s worth remembering there are some filing fees to think about, which can vary depending on your state.

With your LLC from Tailor Brands, you get access too:

  • Automated LLC filing with all the documentation you need
  • Annual compliance guidance to help your company operate legally
  • Name availability search with built-in trademark checks
  • Operating agreements to help outline your business structure
  • Priority support from a dedicated business formation team

Mobile App and Experts

One of the great things about Tailor Brands is you can easily start developing your business from any device. There’s a Tailor Brands logo maker for both Android and iOS devices. The app is just as convenient as using the web-based solution. Everything flows exactly like the online platform, with the same AI-driven guidance to get you started.

Unfortunately, the features aren’t quite as comprehensive if you also want to build your brand business cards and website content using the mobile applications. The business card previews can be a little troublesome in places, and the website builder might be tough to use.

Another interesting plus of the Tailor Brands ecosystem, is that you can access a range of experts to help you on your journey. There are specialists on-hand to help with building your website, if you don’t want to rely exclusively on the automated or advanced builders.

There are also specialists to guide you through building an effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy, so you can start reaching your customers online. What’s more, the Tailor Brands team can help to ensure you appear in front of new potential customers, by getting your business listed on Google directory environments.

If you want to boost your revenue even further, you can sign up for the Tailor Brands affiliate program, which allows you promote the Tailor Brands ecosystem to other companies in exchange for a variety of rewards. It’s a great way to unlock some extra cash if you’re just getting started.

Tailor Brands Ease of Use and Interface

Sometimes, platforms with a huge range of features to offer, like Tailor Brands, can be quite complicated for beginners. While this solution does have some clunky areas, particularly on the mobile app, it’s actually excellent for novice brand builders.

The logo creation and website building tools are very intuitive, provided you access them on the web. Everything flows conveniently, with access to artificial intelligence to help guide you through the experience. The unified dashboard includes everything you need in one place, with tooltips to describe what each feature does. There’s even an internal knowledge base if you get stuck, with dozens of articles to support you.

Overall, the interface, is very clean and simple too. There’s not much of a learning curve, and even the more advanced tools are easy to get used to in a small amount of time. With access to specialist support to guide you, there’s nothing to stop you from building an amazing business brand in no time.

Customer Support

One of the things that makes Tailor Brands more appealing to beginners is its unique approach to customer support. There’s plenty of guidance to help DIY companies figure out how to use the components of the platform on their own. The on-site knowledge base includes lots of how-to guides and FAQ sections to answer all of your questions.

There’s even a search bar if you’re looking for help with a specific feature or issue, which can be extremely useful for beginners who don’t have a lot of time to search through blog posts.

If you need to contact the team, there’s a “help” button which delivers you to a page where you can choose between live chat or email communication. Live chat is a little hit or miss, as results depend on whether someone is online at the time you’re messaging.

On the plus side, if you can’t connect with someone by live chat, the email solution is relatively quick and straightforward. Although you won’t get an immediate response, you should get answers to your questions within a day or so.

Tailor Brands Review: Verdict

Overall, Tailor Brands is a useful platform for business creation. There’s a logo generator, and LLC formation service, as well as a website builder to help any new business get started. The logo creator also comes with a range of icon-based or wordmark logos to choose from, countless customizations and color palettes, and various startup assets.

With Tailorbrands.com, you also get a user-friendly interface for controlling all your brand assets, and access to a reasonably helpful support team. If you’re looking for the best logo maker and online website builder to get your business started, the tool is extremely straightforward.

The standard plan and Basic plan are also relatively affordable, particularly if you’re willing to pay on an annual basis. Plus, Tailor brands has some good customer reviews on trustpilot, and a team of experts on-hand to help you launch your business.

Just keep in mind there are other Tailor Brands alternatives out there if you’re not happy with the full range of services on offer.

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