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Is This The Pop-Up Builder for You?

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When it comes to pop-ups, opinions are easily divided. Consumers often view them as an intrusion into their reading experience. But with the right approach, well-designed pop-ups with non-intrusive timing are a handy marketing tool to have in your arsenal for driving conversions.

Pop-ups work wonders for increasing subscriptions. Sometimes by as much as 86% and sales by as much as 162%!

In other words, if you're not capitalizing on pop-up marketing, you might be losing out on extra cash.

Cue, Getsitecontrol.

Getsitecontrol is a solution here to remedy that. This app enables you to easily create high-converting pop-ups for Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace.

So, in this review, we’re taking a look at everything this platform has to offer.

Let’s get started!

Getsitecontrol is a solution here to remedy that. This app enables you to easily create high-converting pop-ups for Shopify, WordPress, and Squarespace. 

So, in this review, we’re taking a look at everything this platform has to offer.

Let’s get started!

About Getsitecontrol

Getsitecontrol Review

Getsitecontrol is an ecommerce pop-up builder. It aims to help merchants promote their special offers, upsells, announcements, email subscriptions, (and more!) in the best possible way. All this without the need to learn how to code!

The app is available officially as a Shopify App, here, or as a WordPress plugin, here. Still, you can also install it on platforms like Squarespace, BigCommerce, Magento, Wix, and more.

Getsitecontrol helps small and medium businesses succeed by increasing their conversion rates with its intuitive features and library of pop-up templates. Their focus is on providing the most user-friendly experience possible so that all of the hassles are taken out of pop-up marketing.

Getsitecontrol Review: Getsitecontrol's Key Features

Getsitecontrol’s USP is its wide range of pop-up design features. It presents pop-up solutions for:

  • Collecting emails with opt-in pop-ups
  • Promoting news and deals
  • Up- and cross-selling with targeted product recommendations
  • Conducting surveys
  • Encouraging customer engagement
  • Avoiding cart abandonment

That said, here are Getsitecontrol’s key features that make this possible.

Designing Your PopUps

Getsitecontrol - editor

Getsitecontrol aims to make everything about pop-up design as intuitive as possible. That’s why its first port of call is its extensive library of ready-to-use pop-up templates.

There are 66 form templates, including sales forms, subscription forms, and feedback forms. On top of that, there are also 57 message pop-ups for sales, announcements, cookies, and Coronavirus news. Then, there are a further 209 templates for more specific use cases! For instance, promoting coupon codes, using exit-intent pop-ups, growing your mailing list, and much, much more.

Getsitecontrol - gallery

Once you’ve chosen a template, use Getsitecontrol’s editor to further customize the design. With this, you get access to a CSS editor that lets you easily modify the color, size, font, and position of your pop-up.

You can place pop-ups among floating and sticky bars or have them slide onto the screen from various sides, take the fullscreen, appear as a panel, or just as a pop-up button.

You also have complete control over the scheduling of your pop-ups. This makes promoting limited-time offers a breeze. Just set the campaign and select the days and hours you want the pop-up to display for.

For more design ease, you can also use Getsitecontrol’s picture and gif search to access thousands of free stock images with Unsplash.

All pop-ups are free of branding, so they can be entirely dedicated to your signature. It's also simple to adjust the pop-up design for smaller screens to ensure a responsive mobile experience.

Precise Targeting

Getsitecontrol Review

Getsitecontrol enables you to segment your audience, which in turn allows you to create more targeted pop-ups. It does this using the visitor’s location, device, UTM, and other parameters. In addition, you can create in-depth targeting rules with AND and OR operators to determine which visitors see which pop-up.

Dynamic tags further allow you to personalize your pop-up's text elements. For example, you can place a tag to automatically update the text to display the customer name, region, business, age, etc.

You can also benefit from behavioral triggers. For example, you can trigger the appearance of your pop-up based on your visitor's:

  • Session length
  • Scroll depth
  • User inactivity
  • Exit intent
  • The site's launch to time

Reports and Analytics

No marketing strategy is successful without purposeful trial and error. To create an outstanding campaign, you need to know how your pop-ups ate performing so you can tweak and optimize them. This is where analytics come in helpful.

First of all, Getsitecontrol comes with A/B testing. So you can run several versions of the same pop-up simultaneously to find the combination of design, copy, timing, etc., that brings in the most conversions.

The platform also provides interactive performance charts to help you visualize how your pop-up performance evolves over time. In addition, you can adjust filters to better identify performance trends amongst your different audience segments.

Getsitecontrol - Statistics report copy

And finally, Getsitecontrol furnishes you with a response report. As you may have already guessed, this summarizes your recipient's responses by form or field. That way, you can quickly compare how your audience answered based on their location, device, or context.

Getsitecontrol Review: Ease of Use

The ecommerce pop-up builder cares about usability, and as such, its editor boasts a clean, simple interface. As a result, it's effortless to navigate. Once you’ve picked a theme, you can specify your pop-up's position and its design elements with just a few clicks.

While Getsitecontrol doesn’t offer a drag-and-drop editor, you just click on the design elements you want to use and then specify their styling in the sidebar. 

Opt to use one of the hundreds of templates in Getsitecontrol's library. You can create pop-ups within minutes without much hassle.

For extra flexibility and customization, you have the option of using the CSS editor. This is where some coding knowledge is required to achieve the exact effects you’re looking for. But if the learning curve doesn’t startle you, this option unlocks far more design freedom.

Getsitecontrol Review: Integrations

Getsitecontrol Review

Most ecommerce merchants rely on the interplay of their tech stack to manage their business effectively. That’s why it’s always helpful to double-check that any new app integrates with your existing ones.

So, let’s reiterate the powerful platforms Getsitecontrol's compatible with:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress (WooCommerce)
  • BigCommerce
  • Magento
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Drupal
  • Weebly

…and even Tumblr!

It also comes with a long list of other integrations, most notably:

  • ConvertKit
  • Hubspot
  • AWeber
  • Klaviyo
  • Google Sheets
  • Active Campaign
  • Salesforce

These integrations function via webhooks, so you’ll need to be comfortable requesting the API key of available plugins. Getsitecontrol provides instructions for all of their integration options on their website.

Getsitecontrol Review: Pricing

Getsitecontrol Review

Anyone that hates paywalls will like Getsitecontrol’s approach to pricing. Instead of locking features behind feature-based pricing plans, each package comes with all features, integrations, and templates.

You can get started by signing up for free for seven days. During the trial, you benefit from branding-free pop-ups and all of the tools discussed in the feature section.

Instead of pricing based on features, Getsitecontrol prices its services based on how many views your widgets get. When the maximum number of views for your plan is reached, the pop-up stops displaying on your site. But you’ll keep access to all the data in your account, including your edited templates.

Here are the available pricing plans (at a currently discounted rate):

  • Small: $7 per month: 10,000 monthly widget views
  • Medium: $14 per month: 100,000 monthly widget views
  • Large: $21 per month: 500,000 monthly widget views

GetSiteControl Review: Customer Support

Getsitecontrol Review

Getsitecontrol offers several helpful resources on their website in case you get stuck. First of all, there's the blog and podcast where you'll find plenty of valuable marketing insights and actionable guides. Next, you can browse use cases to see how the widget's been used on other websites to achieve extraordinary effects.

The online help center should answer most questions you have about Getsitecontrol. Here you'll find guides about installation, integrations, account management, API development, targeting, and more.

But, if you need to get in touch with the team, you can do so via email.

Getsitecontrol Review: Our Final Thoughts

Pop-ups are a great way of driving conversions and engaging your visitors. In some instances, it's the difference between a customer drifting away from your site and purchasing the products waiting in their abandoned carts. The key is to choose a popup-builder that empowers you to create well-timed, targeted, and good-looking pop-ups.

Getsitecontrol is, overall, a simple and intuitive pop-up builder that does what it says on the tin. As a widget, it doesn’t cover other areas of marketing. It ultimately forms just one component of your larger marketing strategy.

To enjoy total customization freedom, you should also bring a willingness to edit the CSS. That said, Getsitecontrol still offers plenty of other features that you can use to ensure your pop-ups are smooth and non-intrusive. These include personalized tags, timers, various website positioning, and behavioral triggers – to name a few!

You have nothing to lose by giving the tool a try for seven days to see if it meets your pop-up needs. Whatever your thoughts, let us know how you get on in the comments box below!

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