The 30 Best BigCommerce Themes For 2022

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If you have a product or service to sell online, you need a powerful online platform.

BigCommerce offers a solution to develop fully-featured online stores and ecommerce websites. There are all kinds of themes out there, and choosing the right one is essential to have an attractive store that converts well. If you want to learn more about this platform check out BigCommerce review.

Here is a curated list of the 30 best BigCommerce themes in 2022 to help you setup the store you’ve always wanted.

📢  Editor's note: This post was originally published on March, 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

1. Brooklynk

Are you searching for a perfect matching Fashion theme for your website? Look no further. Brooklynk has created a trendy BigCommerce theme for all your fashion store needs. It has a clean look and a professional feel. Brooklynk knows the importance of a first impression, which is why the theme utilises full width slideshow banners and the hottest blocks right on the homepage.

Brooklynk has a lot to offer the modern shop owner, including a stencil framework, fantastic responsive design, and the option to toggle between grid and list options. There’s even an Instagram module to help you connect your social feed. If you’re looking for a stylish way to upgrade your ecommerce store, this is it.

2. Sneak

You may be asking yourself if your website is really the best it can be and the answer to that question is Sneak. It exceeds expectations for and shoes, sporting goods, or apparel website layout. To make your store stand out among hundreds of shoe stores is the visual link between the product and brand name using Sneak. The design is made up of three main colors: reddish-orange, whitish-grey, and luxurious black. The color scheme keeps it consistent and professional.

Sneak uses a stencil framework to keep things simple and benefits from a brilliant responsive design. There are unlimited color options to choose from so you can really make your brand stand out. What’s more, there are tons of tools to help you make the right impact on Google.

3. Beautica

With a perfect combination between clean and professional, Beautica gives the customer a comfortable and convenient shopping feeling as well as all the hottest new products. The theme is ideal for cosmetics, but is also suitable for fashion, luxury jewelry, luxury bags, and shoe stores. It is fully responsive and is guaranteed to look beautiful on any device.

A super stylish theme intended for those who want to run a higher quality of website, Beautica comes with a product image swap feature, drop-down login bars, and even a product label section. You can experiment with brand sliders, and banners too!

4. Foundry Warm

Foundry Warm lets you build exactly the store you want. The definition of versatility, Foundry's minimal, grid-based design is quick to set up and easily adapts to showcase your products and brand. Accessible to shoppers across a range of industries, Foundry is the perfect theme to get your store up and running—and converting—today.

We love Foundry Warm for it’s versatility. The grid-based layout is easy to use and it can adapt to showcase your products in a way that suits your brand. There are features like complex search filtering, Customized checkout, quick add-to-cart and more

5. BeoShop

BeoShop is a fast and powerful BigCommerce theme. It comes with tons of features such as a homepage slider, brand carousel, features products carousels, social media widgets, and a wish list. There are multiple theme variations with ready made presets to help get you started right away.

Upgrade your site performance and SEO with this premium responsive theme. The theme comes with a featured products carousel, homepage slider, Twitter widget, and so much more. You can even let your customers create their own wish lists. This is a great choice for the BigComemrce ecommerce platform.

6. Paralbag

Picking the perfect BigCommerce theme is challenging alone, but then actually utilising the theme is a whole new challenge. Paralbag takes away this hurdle with a user friendly admin interface. Simply just point and click to create your dream look and feel for your online shop.

Looking for a theme that’s as flexible as the themes for WordPress, but on BigCommerce? Paralbag could be it. There are multiple shop layouts to choose from, category options for sorting your products, and 6 styles of mega menu too.

7. Shop Town

Shop Town is a multipurpose BigCommerce theme base on stencil framework. It can be used for any kind of online store and is fully customizable. The zoom magnifier and additional image slider help make your products pop.

If you’re keen to go beyond the basics of a free theme, Shoptown will show you all the benefits of going premium. You get high-quality support from the theme creators, plus lots of great features like an ultra responsive theme and a quick view option for products.

8. Modez

No matter what kind of online shop you have, the product is always the most important aspect. Modez has multiple ways to organize and show your products. You can have new products, popular products, and bestselling products blocks. All of the blocks can be configured as a grid, carousel, or column listing. Modez lets you choose what is best for your BigCommerce site.

Modez takes the stencil framework theme for BigCommerce and combines it with a powerful CSS foundation, and tons of powerful options. You can experiment with mega menus, and there’s plenty of documentation to get you started too.

9. Minimal

Two features that help Minimal stand out among other BigCommerce themes is the use of a latest news and testimonial block. By showcasing your online store’s latest news front and center you keep your customers up to date. Testimonials also help instil reassurance in the customer ultimately driving sales.

If you’re keen to deliver a high quality website with a fantastic BigCommerce stencil, Minimal is a great choice. There are tons of ways to customize your site, and documentation and video tutorials to help you if you’re a beginner.

10. Qrack

Why should you choose Qrack for your BigCommerce theme? It comes fully stocked with all the necessary features, as well as fancy ones. You have your choice from unlimited color and typography options. Having beautiful fonts is an easy way to make your site stand out.

Qrack helps to make any BigCommerce store shine with a wide selection of filters ready to use with color swatches for a unique brand look. There’s no limit to the kind of experiences that you can create, with custom menus and designs.

11. Jewellery

Large inventories and jewelry stores often go hand in hand. This is why the Jewellery BigCommerce theme has created the perfect design for these type of stores. It contains elements like product grids, advanced search, advanced refine search, carousels, and sidebar categories.

Whether you’re looking for convenient dropdown menus for your customers, a high-performance editor, or just premium support, Jewelry offers it all. You can even edit your shopping cart like you would with Shopify.

12. Baggies

Are you looking for a powerful BigCommerce theme to set up your online store? Baggies is a stunning, customizable web solution designed to take your online store to the next level. Use this theme to build your perfect site. Some of the unique features include product comparison and quick view.

This theme is all about driving incredible experiences in the eCommerce world. Whether you’re looking to integrate with Google Amp for a supreme mobile experience, or just update your checkout experience, Baggie has you covered.

13. AP Shoes World

The AP Shoes World theme has 100% full responsiveness and high-resolution graphics, the theme is easily customized to be adapted to whatever devices, which allows customers to shop even with smartphones in hand. The site provides multi-currencies functionality, allowing the price of all products to be converted into customers’ preferred currency. The product tabs section is a must-have to design product block and product descriptions in a clean way.

We really like the versatility of this responsive theme. There are a lot of great ways to make your online business look incredible, with solutions specifically designed to suit ecommerce themes, including product management and a custom navigation menu.

14. Materient Smart Watches

Materient Smart Watches has a modernly beautiful design meant to be a statement of revolution. The design shows less for more. The homepage is divided into color blocks resulting in a clean layout. The products are highlighted to increase sales.

You don’t necessarily need to sell smart watches for this responsive BigCommerce theme to work for you. The design is versatile enough that it would work well with any technology website that wants a minimalist appeal.

15. AP Alaska

Alaska is complete BigCommerce theme built for any type of business whether is be fashion, shoes, or accessories. A great way to increase sales is to show other happy customers. Alaska shows customer reviews right on the product page. You are able to manage the reviews with the built in comment system.

Another huge bonus of the Alaska theme is that it comes with tools to help you transform your storefront into something that’s more likely to attract the attention of the search engines too. That means more opportunities for sales.

16. eMartica

eMartica is completely different from other BigCommerce themes, but still clean and professional. The first thing the customer notices is the homepage block which neatly displays the hottest products. The layout mixes and matches perfectly to show a variety of products and categories.

There’s so much to explore on this theme, from mega menu options, to grid and list toggle options, and even Ajax popup functionality for registration and pop-up tools. If you’re looking for a theme that will engage your audience, this is it.

17. Pi Bags

Do you have a bag store and are you looking for the best template to present your bags? Then look no further because Pi Bags is the BigCommerce theme for you. The main factor that makes Pi Bags unique is the big banners used to show off the contents you want your customers to see first.

The Pi Bags theme design mimics a lot of WordPress themes with it’s diverse range of customizations. There’s no limit to the colors that you can choose, and there are countless homepage layouts to explore.

18. Lookz

Lookz is a multipurpose BigCommerce theme suitable for fashion, shoes, watches, furniture, auto, tools, lingerie, jewelry, cosmetics and sports. It sports a clean and fresh design. All sub pages are customisable. A few of the fun design elements include unlimited banners and sliders, different portfolio layouts, and different gallery layouts.

If you don’t want to use plugins to upgrade your website, this premium Bigcommerce theme is a good choice. You’ll have no trouble experimenting with zooming features and sliders to help take your business to the next level.

19. Venture Bright

Venture is a theme for fast-growing online stores. It's versatile and easily supports large catalogs with a wide range of products. The theme features visible product reviews giving the store an enterprise feel with a stylish and sophisticated design.

There are tons of different Venture options to choose from depending on whether you’re looking for a warm, dark, or cool theme. This ensures that even if you use the same stencil themes as your competitors, you won’t look the same.

20. Cornerstone

The Cornerstone theme comes with three responsive style variations. Each theme is intended for large product catalogs. You can customize the fonts, colors, and general style of your store to match your branding. Depending on the needs of your store there are light, bold, and warm options.

Cornerstone light is all about making businesses and brands stand out. If you want to portray a welcoming website, then you could opt for cornerstone warm instead. Or you can just experiment with different color combinations.

21. Fortune

Fortune is designed for small and medium-sized stores with a high level of sales. The most eye-catching aspect of the design are the full width images presented in full display. This theme is designed to easily collect product reviews with prominent calls-to-action. Fortune offers a wide variety of fonts, colors, product grids, and other customization options that will make any store owner happy.

We like Fortune for it’s minimalist approach, which ensures everything on your website continues to look clean, no matter what you’re trying to do with your business. All four styles available look fantastic on any website.

22. Brixton

Brixton is ideal for stores with large inventories but can be used for stores of any size. This theme features left-hand animated menus, and advanced product comparison tables. The product pages make it easy to convey your products’ features and benefits which ultimately increase sales. Brixton is focused on having a high conversion rate. It offers a streamlined add-to-cart shopping system that will get shoppers through the checkout faster.

Brixton Luxe is a very brandable theme, which means that you can add your logos and colors to any point in your website and provide a very consistent experience for your audience. This theme is fully responsive, and packed full of high-res product images to explore.

23. Supermarket Yellow

Supermarket Yellow is a responsive mobile optimised theme. This theme offers outstanding features such as sidebar left navigation, multiple products by category block that is ideal for stores offering a wide range of products. Supermarket comes in a yellow, blue, and pink style. The homepage offers an image carousel, bestselling section, and featured products in organised tabs. The Supermarket theme takes just a few minutes to install and no technical skill is needed.

Supermarket Yellow is a UI/UX optimized which means that you can provide your audience with a better all-around experience. You speed up your website with the instant load feature, and the website can predict what you might want to look at next.

24. Arcade Natural

Arcade is an eye-catching theme designed to drive sales. In-depth product comparison, prominently displayed user reviews, and bold call-to-action buttons grab your customers' attention and guide them through the buying process. With multiple navigation styles and customizable colors, Arcade is as flexible as it is brandable.

Arcade Natural comes with free customer support, and tons of great features to explore, including a persistent cart solution, product videos support, product filtering, and even cart suggestions. You can also access support for Google AMP.

25. Arcade Light

If you’re looking for a theme to skyrocket your sales, then Arcade Light is the theme for you. Arcade drives sales by utilising the bold CTA buttons, built-in user reviews, and detailed product comparison charts. Multiple navigation styles and four professional styles make your online shop look attractive for the customers. You can showcase the available collection by adding them to the slideshow, featured products, and new products sections. The integrated ticker informs visitors about any promotion, discount, or coupon.

With free theme upgrades to explore, free customer support, and a ton of other fantastic solutions to check out with Arcade Light, you really do feel like you’re getting a premium experience. This theme is also optimized for PixelPop.

26. La Paris

LaParis is one of the best ways to get a professional looking site without worrying about things like how to use PSDCenter. This BigCommerce theme is simple but versatile, with lots of customization options to make your website your own. The LaParis BigCommerce theme is beautiful and engaging, ideal for fashion stores or jewelry.

The homepage elements include everything you need to instantly grab customer attention, including slideshows, featured categories, and a built-in blog function. With this BigCommerce theme, you don’t even need to know much about coding to get started.

27. Merchant Bold

Merchant is a versatile theme with four presets for creating different types of e-commerce sites. All variations include a front page slideshow to put the focus on the latest or best-selling items. The advanced search filtering and product comparison options help customers to easily choose their desired product.

Merchant is excellent for anyone in search of a truly versatile scheme with scalability. The clean design will adapt and grow to suit your business. What’s more, there are tons of features to explore, including one-page checkouts and product filtering.

28. Peak Standard

Peak is a capable BigCommerce theme for websites with high-volume business. The simple, clean design enables you to use this template for various industries. You can promote the latest events, best-selling products, or latest arrivals in the slideshow. The fully responsive layout creates an easy to use site for mobile visitors. High-resolution images also show the customers a closer view of the products.

When it comes to excellent theme options that simplify web design, Peak has you covered. This highly capable theme comes with free theme upgrades, customer support, mega navigation options, and so much more.

29. Scales Minimal

The most notable element of Scales Minimal is its oversized hero image to promote the latest products, events, or promotions in attractive styles. The rest of the page is a grid-based design that looks great on all screen resolutions. Advanced product filtering, quick view, and customer reviews help to get more conversions from your online shop.

Scales is all about capturing and keeping customer attention, with access to features like a persistent cart function, and fully responsive components. You can also access a product comparison table, high-resolution images, and an advanced quick view functionality.

30. Capacity Warm

Capacity has a strong focus on navigation, search, and the overall user experience making it an incredibly popular BigCommerce template. The stylish design makes it capable of displaying plenty of inventories in an attractive way. Products are displayed in grid or list views. Shop owners have the option of using high-resolution images or videos to enhance their product description.

Capacity Warm is packed full of all the features that you need to stand out online, from a customized checkout to simplify purchasing, to Google analytics for your eCommerce store. You can even let customers save their preferred payment methods for a quicker checkout next time.

That sums up our roundup of the best BigCommerce themes for 2020.

Which options will you be trying this year? Remember, there are tons of BigCommerce theme options out there to choose from, and plenty of ways to keep customizing your website. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles to find the site that works best for your website.

These BigCommerce themes come with all of the essential functionality that you need, including responsivity and a range of customization options. Which one do you like the most?

Let’s talk in the comments below! We’d love to hear about the best BigCommerce themes that you’ve been using.

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  1. Hello Adi, thank you for the detailed Best BigCommerce themes list. What would be the best theme to sell products like china, coins, collectible art etc. I would like to set up the store for my client who wants to maintain his own website by adding products himself after the store is built and he prefers to use Paypal Pro for each product to be linked to PayPal Pro. What Responsive theme would be the best with the BigCommerce $79/month plant. Client is willing to pay for the most expensive theme as long as the online store looks professional and it is easy to navigate and shows all the categories – total of 10 categories to start with and 20 products in each category with option to expand to 30 categories and probably 400 products in the future. Thank you for your advice! Eva

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