Webnode Reviews: A Simple Website Builder

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It's undoubted that setting up a business online is tremendously gaining momentum; thanks to each and every trendsetting site builder. An impressive website is always part of the equation. I strongly agree that coding from scratch turns out to be complex and time-consuming.

Imagine how tough it gets trying to be a jack of all trades. It's still so intriguing how the ecommerce industry attracts a good reception.

This is where the likes of Webnode come into consideration. How about doing more with less input? I need to explore all available alternatives that will work out for me. A free and simple website builder is an ideal starter pack. Well, it's clear that Webnode intends to have a huge share of the pie.

It's a huge niche which can't be depleted even if it gets saturated.

From an end user's point of view, I understand the undeniable skepticism. Paying for a site builder which turns out to be shallow can be the worst nightmare. It all translates to finding out how reliable this website builder can be to suit your needs. To put everything into perspective, this article has exhausted all one needs to know.

Please sit back and let me explain further.

Webnode Reviews: Run-through


webnode reviews homepage

To begin with, Webnode has garnered its popularity from the services it offers for free. Who on earth has never tried free stuff? Seems they've done homework well; this strategy works in favor of many business platforms.

Its tools help you create a business, personal or an e-commerce website. As a matter of fact, you really don't need any coding skills.

Creating an account tends to be seamless and its user interface is quite friendly. The ease of creating a stunning website here can be well-attested to. According to the site's portfolio, they claim to have more than 30 million users. Notwithstanding that, Webnode has been in the game for more than a decade now. If I judge by these figures, it's clear that this builder stands tall to be among the most preferable tools.

Their 15-day free trial is a deal you don't want to miss. After all, there's nothing to lose. It's the only chance to explore the premium plans and make a comparison against other sites like Wix.com

How effective can Webnode be? Let's see what they've got. Shall we?

Webnode Reviews: Features

There are several testimonials on the site, most of which are positive feedback.  The drag and drop editor, for instance, makes it easy to add a pricing list, images, text or videos to your pages.

The features listed below are functional and prove to be an asset when used on any website format;

  • No annoying notification ads or pop-ups
  • Contemporary templates
  • Social media integration
  • Flexible pricing plans
  • E-commerce support
  • Ability to link the site with your local domain
  • Search Engine Optimization marketing support
  • User-friendly editor
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Language support

Language Support

The site builder can be used in 20 different languages. This multi-lingual compatibility is a huge plus.

Let me say this straight.

If I need to create traffic on my site and target other regions, I might be limited due to language constraints. Webnode resolves this in just a click of a button. Of course, this comes with a price.

But wait. What else do I want other than an international website that helps me handle business across borders? What a life hack!


There is a significant rise in e-retail sales worldwide. If I weigh in what Shopify or BigCommerce charge for a basic plan, it's certain that Webnode asks for way less. I absolutely don't have to break the bank here.

Both premium and standard plans come with an online store. The store is supported with features such as conversion tracking, product variants, product import, and store analytics.

My Facebook Pixel Id and Google ads account can connect to my store in real-time. From here, I can track feedback from campaigns and paid ads. This makes my marketing work hassle-free. The Profi plan allows me to upload my products to other price comparison sites and track all conversions in my store. Additionally, I get a data backup service. This covers me from any uncertainties.

I think of it as a path to push my sales projections.

What's more fascinating is the payments integration support. This means I can link my PayPal account information with the site to make transactions with customers. It has cash on delivery option too. I'm at liberty to choose either method depending on my preferences.

Tracking your shipment has been made smooth and logical. I can ship my products to a customer via reputable companies like FedEx International or DHL on the site.

Webnode goes a notch higher by letting me add my own shipping means.

Getting in trouble with the Taxman is the last thing I would ever wish to experience. Tax rates from different states and regions have been listed down for quick reference and better familiarity.

I must say, that was so genius of them.

Based on my experience though, I'd vouch for Shopify since it has more to offer, taking into account its predominant performance and efficient store management tools.

Webnode Reviews: Usability

I can't agree more.

There are no prior skills or boring tutorials needed for me to navigate through.

Want to know the way around? This is more important than ever.

Creating an account
  1. To access the back-end, I need to first create an account.
  2. The next step is to choose an option. It's impressive that the registration wizard allows me to pick an online store, business or personal website.
  3. The wizard will easily direct me to a wide range of templates.
  4. I will need to create pages which will appear on my site automatically.
  5. The site editor will finally be accessible. I'm able to use the drag and drop tools to customize my site. The preview button allows me to see the changes.

A Snippet of Featured Templates

webnode reviews - site builder templates

This is where I feel so indecisive. There are so many templates to pick and customize in minutes. It appears that almost all business entities are covered here.

I had the chance to go through a couple of templates. The blog section, in particular, includes a number of beautifully designed templates which I can easily edit and add content of my own.

Webnode Reviews: Pricing

webnode reviews - pricing

Their prices are unbeatable and the packages vary depending on various features.

PROFI – Full-service plan for professional websites.

  • Free Domain-1 Year
  • Available Storage-5 GB
  • Bandwidth Amount-Unlimited
  • Use Your Own Domain-Yes
  • Premium Support-Yes
  • Email Accounts-100
  • Form Builder-Yes
  • Website Statistics-Yes
  • Background Video-Yes
  • Online Store-Yes
  • No Webnode Ads
  • Google Analytics-Yes
  • Membership Registration-Unlimited
  • Multiple Languages
  • Unlimited Backup and Recovery

STANDARD – This plan is made for all types of websites. Most popular!

  • Free Domain-1 Year
  • Available Storage-2 GB
  • Bandwidth Amount-10
  • Use Your Own Domain-Yes
  • Premium Support-Yes
  • Email Accounts-20
  • Form Builder-Yes
  • Website Statistics-Yes
  • Background Video-Yes
  • Online Store-Yes
  • No Webnode Ads
  • Google Analytics-Yes
  • Membership Registration-100
  • Multiple Languages-2
  • Unlimited Backup and Recovery-5 backups

Mini – Everything you need for your stunning website

  • Free Domain-1 Year
  • Available Storage-500 MB
  • Bandwidth Amount-3
  • Use Your Own Domain-Yes
  • Premium Support-Yes
  • Email Accounts-1
  • Form Builder-Yes
  • Website Statistics-Yes
  • Background Video-Yes

LIMITED – Basic plan allowing you to use your own domain.

  • Free Domain-Not Supported
  • Available Storage-100 MB
  • Bandwidth Amount-1 GB
  • Use Your Own Domain-Yes
  • Premium Support-Yes

I should be guided if I'm wrong to say that the above prices are among the lowest in the market. Webnode has proved to be more than generous.

Webnode Reviews: Support

It's so obvious that customer service begins and ends with a smile. The site builder has listed an email addresses in their ‘Contact Us' section. However, I wish that they had an alternative means to enhance a quick response.

Technically, this ain't rocket science; you don't necessarily need help when building your site here. The chances of desperately needing customer support are so slim. Everything on the site is well elaborated.

The blog page has content to educate its users but the information isn't quite sufficient. The team needs to work on updating their blogs more often.

On the flipside, I can use the tools to fix a Newsletter dropbox. I'll ultimately gain access to email addresses from site visitors. What a perfect chance to market my products! I can feed my potential clients with reliable content such as flash sales and juicy offers.

Webnode Reviews: Conclusion

I know you could be asking, is Webnode good enough? I'm confident to say the answer to this question varies. There are lots of dynamics which all rely on various specific needs. I might want to do a plain sailing blog and talk about my digital nomad life. I wouldn't hesitate to set up one using Webnode.

It's cheap and takes a few minutes to make my blog. A static website with slider content can be built at ease too. I did all the tests and I didn't seem to find any flaws.

For merchants selling high volumes, here's my pointer, to try out platforms with dedicated plans proven to deal with such needs. However, the monthly budget might go a little overboard.

In a broad viewpoint, I have nothing so alarming to raise that will make one shy away from having a try. It's generally a good site builder and quite simple for beginners. Slight and unnoticeable shortfalls here and there but that doesn't change its achievements.

We all have wins and losses. Right guys?


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