Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce Review (May 2022)

Get paid fast and with minimal fees for ecommerce transactions

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Revolut has been making quite the impression as a way for people to exchange money and collect ecommerce payments without the hassle of inflated exchange rates and outdated money-sending services. It's a wonderful app which allows business payment solutions, including features for sending and accepting international transfers, as well as the ability to issue physical and virtual cards for your business. Not only that, but the popular company provides a tool called the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce, a plugin that integrates with your online WooCommerce store and gives you a wide variety of benefits such as lower fees and a speedy checkout process.

Revolut boats a whole of features including:

  • Multi-currency accounts for business use
  • Subscriptions
  • Expenses
  • Payment requests
  • Physical and Virtual Cards
  • Budgeting and analytics
  • Bill splitting

Revolut Payment Gateway for WooCommerce homepage

However, we're going to primarily focus on the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin, seeing as how it's a newcomer to the market and it provides an onslaught of advantages when compared to other WooCommerce payment gateways of the past.

Keep reading our review on the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce to gain a stronger understanding of the product's interface, fees, customer service, and more.

Features and Offerings from the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce, Magento and Prestashop

On the surface, Revolut has created an intuitive payment gateway that links to your WooCommerce, Magento or Prestashop website and processes credit cards and other forms of payment. As most online store owners know, this type of technology has been around for quite some time. In fact, WooCommerce already integrates with hundreds of other payment gateways.

So, what makes the Revolut Gateway for Woocommerce plugin so special?

Get paid in up to 14 currencies

This depends on your Revolut pricing plan (discussed in some of the following sections) but it's an incredible example of how Revolut puts merchants in an advantageous position when it comes to fees.

In short, using the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin means you have the potential for processing international payments for free.

This also means that you can charge customers in multiple currencies. As of right now, Revolut supports up to 14 currencies in its payment gateways (see the updated list of supported currencies here), all of which require no fees as long as you're using the right plan.

Next-day Access to Your Money

With some competitors, you have to wait anywhere from 2-7 days to receive your funds in a liquid merchant account. That means you're stuck without the ability to withdraw your own money, leading to situations where you may not be able to pay important bills.

That's not the case with Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce. In fact, all payments processed through Revolut get settled into your merchant account by the next day.

No Fees for Many Payments Processed Through Your Store

Revolut waives many transaction and processing fees based on the payment methods used by your customers, the Revolut plan you sign up for as a merchant, and how many transactions you complete in a month.

As an example, the Revolut Scale plan allows free payments of up to £9,000. After that a standard fee will be applied.

Manage All Payments Everything from One Convenient App

You can control your whole business through the main interface in the web portal. However as an additional tool, for day to day operations you can use the Revolut app. You can accept payments through many routes (including your online store) yet still have all of those transactions in one location.

Also, what sets Revolut apart from their competitors such as Stripe, Mollie,  and Braintree is that their gateway is directly integrated with the Business Accounts. Meaning you accept the payments directly into your account (no need for payouts to separate accounts), you can also manage your invoices, expenses from your employees, and payroll.


This allows you to remain organized, exchange currencies, and handle a multi-currency account for transferring the money to other stakeholders in your business

How the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin Works

The simplicity of the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin stands out right from the installation process.

To begin, you only have to do the following things to start accepting payments on your store:

  • Create a Revolut Business Account and apply for a Merchant account
  • Create a WooCommerce store (or use one you already have)
  • Install the free Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin

That free plugin is accessible through the WordPress Plugin Library or by installing it directly inside your WordPress dashboard.

revolut gateway plugin wordpress org


After you have the plugin installed, you're able to configure your payment settings inside the WordPress dashboard.

revolut business wordpress dashboard

You should also sign up for a Revolut Business account to start processing those payments. The one part that takes a little longer is to get approval for a Merchant Account, or the account that stores your money from all the transactions accepted through the payment gateway.

Once you have all of those elements, any customer can come to your website and purchase an item with their credit or debit card.

What's more, is that Revolut offers access to its API for customizing the checkout module and making it work perfectly for your own store.

Revolut Pay

If your customers use Revolut then it completely streamlines the payment process.You can request payments for free and receive them in just two clicks, or via a QR code.

Pricing and Fees for the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce Plugin

There's plenty of good news when it comes to the Revolut pricing and fees.

First of all, you will need to open a Business account in order to use the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin. Once you have done this, it will start the process of your merchant application. This just means that it will need to be approved by Revolut, most applications get approved straight away.

Revolut offers a completely free business account that allows you to accept online payments and customize the checkout experience using the merchant API and Revolut widget. And although you need to get approved for a merchant account, it doesn't require any additional fees once you're accepted.

The Revolut Gateway for WooComerce plugin allows you to take advantage of the many benefits of Revolut, most notably the fact that you can eliminate, or minimize, payment processing fees based on your Revolut plan and the types of payments being accepted.

You also gain access to more advanced features and improved savings when you upgrade beyond the free Revolut Business account.

The plans look like this:

  • Free – £0 per month for 5 free local bank transfers, priority support, the payment gateway, all marketplace apps, a mobile app, expense management, team member permissions, unlimited team members, free payments to Revolut accounts, support for holding 28 currencies, global transfers, plastic company cards, subscriptions, and more.
  • Grow – £25 per month for everything in the previous plan, 10 free international bank transfers, 100 free local bank transfers, discounts for foreign exchanges and UK/EEA consumer card payments, rewards, payment approval, bulk payments, and the Business API.
  • Scale – £100 per month for everything in the previous plans, 50 free international bank transfers, 1,000 free local bank transfers, and increased discounts for foreign exchanges and UK/EEA card payments.
  • Enterprise – An entirely custom package with all benefits from the previous plans.

The Revolut Customer Service

Revolut offers 24/7 customer support. Although they've had problems in the past with long waiting queues and inquiries not being resolved,  the 3 times we used it when reviewing this plugin it worked like a charm. It seems like they are learning from their mistakes and putting some effort into it.

The primary form of customer support comes through a live chatbox, where you can send in a message and ask questions about things like the API, your checkout experience, or the merchant account.

In addition to the live chatbox, Revolut provides excellent online resources for researching your own questions and finding solutions in a matter of minutes.

The Revolut Help Center serves as the go-to collection of articles and tutorials with topics ranging from getting started with merchant accounts to verifying your business details and viewing account statements. You can search for a keyword or click on one of the many nicely categorized articles while browsing through the Help Center.


revolut business help center

Furthermore, Revolut has a Community Forum where users chat about desired features, techniques for using the API, and much more. It's a well-moderated community that gives you a chance to learn from others who are familiar with the system.

If all else fails, or you simply need a more passive way to learn about what Revolut has to offer, you can go to the Revolut blog, check out the extensive API documentation here. for designing your checkout module, or read their guides to each plugin.

Overall, you can't beat what's provided by Revolut when it comes to its online resources. You don't always see an online community with payment gateways, and we definitely prefer the live chat method of support since it typically renders the fastest results possible.

Is Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce Right for Your Online Store?

The Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin offers two main advantages when you connect it as your primary method for accepting payments. First, you have several options for minimizing, or almost eliminating, the vast majority of fees that usually come along with payment gateways. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to customize your entire checkout process.

In addition to all that, you gain access to a fully-fledged money management and sending system, filled with options for handling expenses, paying workers, and converting and storing money from other countries.

We highly recommend Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce, especially if you've had problems in the past with clunky interfaces or hidden fees.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts about Revolut!

What if I don’t have a Woocommerce store?

If you don’t have a WooCommerce store, Revolut also offers premade plugins for Prestashop (both 1.6 and 1.7 versions) and for Magento 2. The prestashop plugin can be installed directly from your Prestashop store and the Magento 2 plugin by following the steps in the documentation here.

The last main benefit of using Revolut as your payment gateway revolves around checkout customization. Revolut has a Business API for integrating with your company's applications, but the true power comes from the Merchant API.

revolut api developers

In short, tapping into the API ensures you have full control over the look and functionality of the checkout widget. You can add your own colors, fit the checkout panel anywhere on your site, and enable custom fields that only pertain to your ecommerce store.

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  1. Just installed this and it actually works pretty well! International card acceptance could be a bit better, but the user experience and the setup was fantastic and easy.
    Additionally their pricing is very low compared to other providers I’ve used (Stripe, Mollie, etc) so very excited about this.

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