7 Social Marketing Tools You Absolutely Must Use for Your Ecommerce Business

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Marketing without social media? I'm afraid that's not an option anymore. At least when it comes to ecommerce business. Luckily, there are many social marketing tools out there, constantly improving and multiplying. There are free tools, and expensive ones, and then there are the essential ones. I picked 7 for today. See which one suits your needs best:

1. PostAcumen

PostAcumen social media tool

This is a tool for Facebook that provides information to help you improve the page’s visibility. How? By telling you when is the best time to post, what images work best (and why!) and by analysing your competition’s posts. Among other things.

2. Quora’s Social Media Marketing Forum

Quora social marketing forum

Q & A website where users can create, answer, and edit questions on various topics inside what is known as forums. In their Social Media Marketing forum, you’ll come across scores of useful discussions on this topic. Join in, share ideas, get ideas. Fun.

 3. Piktochart

Piktochart infographic tool

It tells stories with the help of infographics. It makes them beautiful so you can proudly share them everywhere. And so, Piktochart provides an excellent source of back-links back to your site. You can use pre-defined templates and the ‘editor' is quite easy to use.

4. Brand24

Brand24 tool for keeping track of your brand

Great tool for tracking and analyzing mentions (on Facebook, forums, websites, blogs, Twitter, all in one dashboard!) of your brand, online conversations about your company, and keywords on social media. However, it’s not free, but it can increase customer satisfaction and generate sales. So, do the math.

5. Topsy

Topsy Trend analyzing tool

It’s a FREE real-time search engine for social posts and socially shared content, so whenever you want to see what’s trending, take it for a ride. You just type in a keyword and you get tons of useful information on content related to it, how well it performs, etc.

6. Open Site Explorer

MOZ Open Site Explorer

It comes quite handy when you want to check your domain and page authority. For instance, you can see where links are coming from, which should help you make adjustments to your linking or content accordingly. All in all, Moz (the company behind this tool) offers a whole great bundle of (other) analytics and research tools.

7. BuzzStream

Buzzstream link building and social media solutions

It helps you ‘be found' via inbound marketing channels. It manages word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, helps you promote products, services and content using social media. It comes with CRM, so you can manage your relationship with influencers too. Cool feature: you can import important metrics easily.

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  1. serban says:

    Number 3 – Piktochart link is broken.

    1. Catalin Zorzini says:

      Fixed, thanks Serban!

  2. Michal Sadowski says:

    Thanks for featuring Brand24! We really, I mean really appreciate it! 🙂

    1. Catalin Zorzini says:

      My pleasure Michal!

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