IXOPAY Review: A Powerhouse White Label Payment Gateway

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If you've ever wondered whether or not you're leaving money on the table with your current payment gateway, the answer is probably yes. The world of online payments is rather cluttered and filled with complicated information that makes it difficult for you to understand which rates are best for your company.

Sometimes you might be better off accepting through one payment processor when the customer is from India. On the other hand, a completely different processor might have lower rates for customers in the United States. In this IXOPAY review, we'll talk about how this revolutionary payment engine and enterprise gateway is designed to help you configure different payment routing strategies.

This way, you don't have to rely on one payment gateway like Stripe or PayPal. Instead, it routes different transactions through the most cost-effective options, cutting down on your transaction fees and keeping money in your pocket.

IXOPAY does quite a bit more than routing payments, as well. From beautiful, dynamic payment pages, to settlement handling and risk management, IXOPAY packs a considerable number of features into your payment structure, bringing you complete control and a full white-label solution for your business.

IXOPAY Review: The Best Features

We'll cover what IXOPAY calls “adapters” in the more detailed section below, since it's important to understand exactly what they do. In short, the adapters are crucial when it comes to saving money for your business, since they allow you to route transactions through different payment gateways. If you're interested in learning about this, adapters are outlined in-depth in the following section. For now, let's talk about the other IXOPAY features:

The Transaction Monitor

When working with IXOPAY, you'll be connecting to multiple acquirers and payment methods. This collection of adapters would make things rather complicated if it weren't for the IXOPAY transaction monitor. Every single transaction is logged here, so when a successful charge has gone through, it's shown on the dashboard, along with the amount and currency.

It also provides an in-depth view of the transaction and all of its metadata. The communications between merchants and payments providers are also revealed, along with stats for measuring transaction counts and volumes.

The Fee Management Engine

Let's say you have five adapters set up on your dashboard. That can be quite a bit to keep track of, so the fee management engine tracks the fees and costs for you. Every type of fee structure possible is calculated in real-time, making things less complicated with multiple fee structures like percentages, tier-based, or minimums.

PCI Compliant Storage

With IXOPAY, the merchant doesn't have to mess with PCI compliance, since it's all routed through the IXOPAY infrastructure.

Not only that, but IXOPAY adheres to the highest security standards when storing the most important data from your customers. What's great about the IXOPAY setup is that you're bound to improve your conversions and customer loyalty. The reason for this is because the secure data storage is much faster during the checkout process.

Risk Management

The IXOPAY dashboard has options for you to create your own merchant with default risk profiles for each one.

Risk checks are completed on all transactions, and you can see which risk checks are processed and if any questionable results come from each test.

Basic fraud checks are done, along with manual fraud detection parameters going above and beyond the usual refund, chargeback and money laundering checks.

Customizable Payment Pages

The dynamic payment pages from IXOPAY are completely white label and ready for your customizations. Change the language for all payment pages and forms. Style and code your payment page to match the branding you desire. Some beautiful templates are provided, and you can edit all of them with HTML.


IXOPAY also offers some reconciliation settings. So, if a customer completes a chargeback and the refund has already been submitted, you're able to go in and get the chargeback returned. This is extremely important, since sometimes the customer gets two refunds, making it costlier for you.

How Do The Adapters Work?

With IXOPAY, you're able to route all payments through the payment provider of your choice using theirsmart routing engine. IXOPAY calls these payment providers “adapters.” In addition, other payment methods are included in the adapter category, such as acquirers and wallets.

Overall, IXOPAY offers several filters when configuring your payment processes. So, you would have the opportunity to decide which adapter the payment would go through if, say, a transaction was made from Europe, with a certain currency and with a specific type of credit card. All of these elements change how much in transaction fees your company would have to pay.

Therefore, IXOPAY assists in locating the best payment provider to route that transaction through, delivering the least costly option for your business.

So, let's say I'm selling shoes on my online store. A customer from Brazil orders a pair with an American Express credit card. Furthermore, the currency used is the Brazilian real. The location, credit card, and currency all play parts in how much your company's transaction fees are going to be.

So, IXOPAY decides which of your adapters (payment providers) has the best rates for that unique combination. For example, it might run through payment providers like Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and AmazonPayments, eventually deciding that Authorize.net has the lowest transaction fee.

Therefore, you might decide that purchases made in certain regions should only go through one payment processor. The filters and adapters from IXOPAY let you go through and configure everything to make the most of your money.

Who Should Consider IXOPAY?

IXOPAY has products and services for PSPs and enterprise organizations. For the enterprise merchant, IXOPAY is best for when you'd like to consolidate all payments into one platform. The reason for this is because you're able to set your payment routing and minimize the transaction fees based on things like credit cards, currencies, and locations.

Smaller ecommerce stores won't find much need for IXOPAY, but enterprise companies can save thousands, if not millions of dollars, in fees per year. With the combination of risk management, payment routing, and security tools, IXOPAY is a must-have for enterprise ecommerce.

If you have any questions about this IXOPAY review, let us know in the comments below.

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