Hipshipper International Shipping Solution Review: Everything You Need to Know

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If you're already running an e-commerce store, you won't be surprised to hear that international e-commerce is predicted to grow as much as 25% year on year. Interestingly, this growth is near twice as much as domestic e-commerce sales. This is why online sellers NEED to start using reliable shipping solutions; this section of infrastructure is essential for growing your business and breaking into international markets.

Cue Hipshipper. 

This is where Hipshipper comes into its own. The stats speak for themselves. At the moment there are 2.6M items listed on eBay available for international shipping by Hipshipper.

So, with all that in mind, let's dig a little deeper into what Hipshipper has to offer!

Who's Hipshipper?

Trusted by more than 700 eBay sellers in the US, Hipshipper is a fabulous solution for any entrepreneur needing risk-free international shipping.

You can be confident Hipshipper won't let you down — founders, Yohai Ben-Shmuel and Jonathan Birger were initially e-commerce sellers themselves. They experienced first-hand the issues associated with international shipping, which is what prompted them to create this kind of service. They felt compelled to provide their fellow entrepreneurs with a solution to tackle these pitfalls

This is what Yohai Ben Shmuel had to say about Hipshipper's overarching aim; “Our aim is to simplify international shipping for online sellers,” “As selling globally is a must for any online retailer looking to expand their business, our solution enables exactly that, with minimal changes to current operations.”


Hipshipper started life by targeting small business owners and marketplace sellers — especially those using eBay. When it comes to international shipping, eBay's ‘Global Shipping Program' is the leading solution. Yes, it provides a decent service. However, Ben-Shmuel and Birger believed they could build something to help make it even better. Hence, they endeavored to create an array of solutions to the shipping issues that  eBay's Global Shipping Program (GSP) doesn't address.

After all, 40% of eBay sellers don't ship their merchandise internationally, and as we've already seen, this market is booming! So, it's important solutions like these are utilized so eBay sellers can branch out and expand their business.

This is How it Works

As you can probably already tell, Hipshipper is an end-to-end logistics solution for any e-commerce seller hoping to break into international selling.

Interestingly, it's not just a shipping facilitator; it also provides customer service for both Hipshipper users and more importantly, their consumers. They deliver top-notch customer service on behalf of sellers making international payments — so you and your team have one less thing to worry about!

In terms of setting up your Hipshipper account, the bulk of the process is automated. Just link your eBay account to Hipshipper. From there, Hipshipper automatically integrates with your international shipping rate tables.

Once you're up and running and you've received an order from a customer, all you have to do is send the items to Hipshipper's domestic logistics center. From there, they'll handle everything else.

The key difference with this solution is that Hipshipper takes full responsibility for any international returns, which means you won't be down on the profit (more on this later!)

To summarize, you can break Hipshipper's process down into three core steps:

  1. You make a sale: An international customer buys your product via your e-commerce store or marketplace.
  2. Delivery: You deliver your customer's order to Hipshipper's US logistics center.
  3. The shipment's made: Hipshipper makes the global delivery as well as handling: product inspection, repackaging, and most importantly, free international returns.
How easy is that?!



By ‘product inspection' we mean Hipshipper will:

  • Ensure the item packaged is the right one for the order
  • Check to see whether the package is damaged and safe for shipping

If anything isn't up to scratch, Hipshipper will repackage it on your behalf.

You should also note, you're able to integrate your Hipshipper account with numerous third-party services. This boosts the solution's overall functionality. Not to mention, if you utilize one of Hipshipper's partner services, you don't need to go through a long and drawn-out start-up process- everything's automated.

Alternatively, if you opt to use a service Hipshipper hasn't partnered with, there's a good chance most of Hipshipper's features will still be automated — as you'll already have integrated your eBay account. All you'll have to do is manually update the domestic tracking number.

Hipshipper doesn't charge customs fees, so you have the option of pre-charging your customers for customs charges. Hipshipper doesn't like the fact their competitors charge “customs handling fees,” which are sometimes set way above the value of official customs levies. Instead, Hipshipper simplifies the process: your customers pay you for their order, and pay their customs fees to the necessary authorities- straightforward right?

Does Hipshipper Work?

In short, yes. Don't just take our word for it:

  • 85% of Hipshipper eBay sellers who use the solution for six months report reaching ‘Top Rated' status on their Detailed Seller Rating.
  • 78% of Hipshipper sellers who previously used eBay GSP say the main reason for switching to Hipshipper was so they could start profiting from their shipping.
  • 82% of Hipshipper sellers who didn’t ship globally claim to have given internal shipping a try because Hipshipper offers free international returns.


Hipshipper's Main Features

Below we've listed a few of Hipshipper's most notable features:

The Dashboard: Users report the dashboard to be incredibly simple and easy to use — particularly, the easy-to-understand overview of your international shipping stats and status'. The same is true of your international orders. From the dashboard, you can access your order info as well as extensive details for each and every order.

User Support:If you have a question or a query, you can access quick and effective support from Hipshipper's customer support team. Just open a ticket, and they'll get back to you promptly with a helpful response.

Competitive Shipping Rates: This is a gamechanger. At the end of the day, running an online business is all about turning a healthy profit. So, you'll be pleased to hear Hipshipper offers its users competitively low shipping rates. You can thank their bulk agreements with international couriers for that perk! These shipping rates are calculated by taking into consideration the item's weight as well as the country you're shipping to. Once you have a Hipshipper account, you can view your shipping prices via their shipping calculator.

Insured Shipping: One of the reasons their shipping is so reliable is because they offer users a fully-tracked shipping service. Your customers can track their order and see for themselves exactly where their package is. On the ‘tracking' page, they can access live chat support, so if they have any questions about their delivery, they can fire them over and receive a speedy response. This works wonders for reducing the number of support queries you have to deal with. Not to mention, you're also entitled to free insurance for all packages carrying merchandise up to the value of $300- how awesome is that?!

Make a Larger Profit: Hipshipper allows you to add a fixed price shipping cost, as either a flat rate or a percentage. If you're selling low-ticket items, there's plenty of room to make a hefty profit here!

Consolidate Your Shipments: Hipshipper allows its users to send numerous items in one shipment- which works wonders for saving you and your customers a pretty penny or two.



Hipshipper's USP

As amazing as all the above features are, Hipshipper's most famous for providing free international returns. There's no catch. They cover all your return costs in each and every case.

This feature is totally unique to Hipshipper, at the time of writing no other brands are offering this.

If you're an e-commerce seller, this should be music to your ears. After all, the issues associated with international shipping usually come down to the expense and practicalities involved. This is even more of a problem in the field of e-commerce because it returns equate to as much two to three times more than traditional brick-and-mortar stores.

All you have to do is approve your return, and Hipshipper reimburses the buyer directly without you having to do a thing!



How Much Will Hipshipper Set Me Back?

Best of all, it's entirely free of charge.


Well, Hipshipper's fees are included in the shipping costs paid by the buyer. It gets better. Like we've already said, Hipshipper users can add a fixed price to their shipping costs, which further adds to the profit you make from the sale.

It doesn't matter whether you're running a small operation or an enterprise level company; it's all entirely free. This is what you're entitled to:

  • You can send unlimited packages
  • You'll enjoy free international returns
  • You can ship to as many as 148 countries
  • You'll have access to no-hassle shipment insurance


Final Thoughts

We hope this Hipshipper review gives you a better idea of what this solution has to offer. Have you ever used Hipshipper? If so, we'd love to hear about your experience in the comments box below. Let's kickstart the discussion!

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