CloudCart Review: Express Checkout and Top-Notch Templates for an Okay Price

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Creating an online store in 30 seconds is a tall task, and finding a solution that's actually good for beginners to scale up a business is not exactly as easy to locate as it may seem.

However, CloudCart seems to have built an online ecommerce platform for beginners who are interested in getting features that would often require additional apps or development experience.

We took a deeper look at CloudCart to find that the pricing isn't anything special, but the themes look marvelous. Not only that, but you get some interesting features like express checkout and social integration. Keep reading to learn more.

CloudCart Pricing

The CloudCart platform offers a 30-day free trial for you to test out the services and tools. This is one of the better free trials we've seen, since options like Shopify and Bigcommerce stick to around a seven or 14-day trial.

That said, the pricing is pretty simple, but we're looking at some packages that are not what I would call all that competitive compared to the big dogs. However, that doesn't mean you should completely write off CloudCart, because some of the pricing reflects the cool features we'll talk about below.

  • Starter – For $11.99 per month you receive a store with 25 products, 1 discount, 1 admin and 1GB of storage.
  • Basic – For $29.99 per month you receive a store with 500 products, 25 discounts, 2 admins, 5GB of storage, professional reports and brand removal.
  • Advanced – For $89.99 per month you receive a store with 2,500 products, 50 discounts, 5 admins, 20GB of storage, professional reports, abandoned cart recovery and brand removal.
  • Professional – For $191.99 per month you receive a store with unlimited products, unlimited discounts, unlimited admins, 50GB of storage, professional reports, abandoned cart recovery and brand removal.
  • CloudCart Ultimate – You have to contact CloudCart in order to get pricing for this, but the plan provides a Personal 24/7 eCommerce Assistant, Boutique eCommerce Design, connections to the CloudCart API and Setup & data migration from your old Platform.

Keep in mind that all of the plans discussed above include 0% transaction fees, making for a nice little bonus. You also don't have to pay setup fees. Overall, the pricing isn't terrible, but the lower priced plans are still limited in terms of the amount of products and admins you can have, which isn't the case with many competitors.

I also don't like that you don't get brand removal for the Starter Plan, even though you're already paying $11.99 per month.

The Best CloudCart Features

Incredible (And Free) Ecommerce Themes


A well-stocked theme store is something we take for granted with ecommerce platforms, and you can generally assume that the templates provided are professional and responsive. However, it catches our eye when it's clear that a company has put a little extra effort into its themes.

That's the case with CloudCart, considering they only have about 18 themes in the library, but they all look awesome. Each of them are responsive, and the design tools are easy to manage without any development experience. Extra care went in the modern formats, with tons of imagery, beautiful menus and prevalent shopping carts, videos and headers.

The best part? You don't have to pay a dime for any of them. In addition, most of the themes have stock images that cater to certain industries, but it seems as if they can all be modified to match your brand and market.

A Beautiful Dashboard


The Cloudcart dashboard is a beginner's dream, with tabs on the left hand side for items like orders, products, customers, discounts and reports. An impressive app store boosts your ability to scale up, and you receive some quick stats about your sales, orders and stock, right from the primary dashboard page.

Express Checkout

As my favorite feature from CloudCart, it makes me wonder why all ecommerce platforms don't have an express checkout button. You see it on Amazon, yet much of the industry is slow to respond.

However, CloudCart does a good job of cutting out all the unnecessary steps of the checkout process. It gives your customers the sleekest of interfaces and makes them feel less frustrated when shopping.

Facebook and eBay Integration

facebook and ebay

Few successful online stores make it without the help of Facebook and eBay. Seeing as how multiple sales outlets are a necessity in today's online selling world, it's nice to see that you don't need a completely separate service to sell on Facebook and eBay through CloudCart.

The Facebook integration only has one click to start selling on the social platform, and you also have the chance to make your own eBay store, opening up sales from the millions of people who go on the site each day.

Coupons, Discounts and Abandoned Order Restores


A certain number of coupons and discounts are given through the cheaper CloudCart plans, and every plan above the Advanced Plan has abandoned cart recovery.

These marketing tools are quickly accessed in the backend. For example, making a discount code only requires you to fill in a few fields. You can segment based on things like regions or customer groups, and setting a date range for the discount to occur.

CloudCart Support

cloudcart support

A toll free number is provided to all people who visit the CloudCart website, regardless of whether or not you're a customer. You can also send them an email whenever you want. This is pretty darn good considering so many ecommerce companies are stingy with giving away their contact information. So, if you have questions before or after your purchase, the support team has your back.

Social media outlets are provided from CloudCart as well, giving you a chance to send the company a message for a quick response. The knowledge base and support centers are pretty similar, but they give you the standard lists of articles and FAQs for solving problems yourself.

When comparing the CloudCart support resources to other companies in the market, it's clear that CloudCart has put in the work to ensure that every type of developer can run an ecommerce site smoothly.

Who Should be Using CloudCart?

The lowest price point from CloudCart is $11.99 per month. Like we've stated before, it's not necessarily better than competitors, but that's not going to break the bank for any serious online store. We recommend CloudCart for true beginners in website design, since the interface is so easy to use. Not only that, but if you're having trouble locating a platform with express checkout coupons and awesome templates, the CloudCart platform is a step in the right direction.

If you have any questions about this CloudCart review, or if you've used CloudCart in the past, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Harvey Jones says:

    The moment when I decided to put my brick-and-mortar shop online, I was not aware of its hassles. After consulting with many web design companies, I was about to postpone this idea for some time as I had very limited budget. While researching online, I visited cloudcart where I got what I was looking for. I was pleasantly overwhelmed with what they had to offer. It is the platform where I created and hosted my website in the same budget. The process was effortless, and the best part is their customer support which is phenomenal. I recommend cloudcart to every business owner who does not want to be in the hassle of website development and hosting.

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