A Comprehensive Bestsellers reSort Review: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you a Shopify store owner, trying to organize and manage thousands of products? If so, you don't need us to tell you how much of your time this takes up. In light of that, you might be looking for a Shopify app or service to help you. This is where Bestsellers reSort comes into its own.

If you'd like to learn more about Bestsellers reSort, continue reading this review to find out more…

What's Bestsellers reSort?

In short, Bestsellers reSort is an online merchandising app that empowers Shopify merchants to organize products as and when they need them. It's USP is highlighted in the plugin's tagline; ‘Sell more by automatically sorting your products.'

According to Bestsellers reSort's listing on the Shopify App Store, this plugin helps ecommerce merchants organize millions of products every day. It doesn't matter whether you're selling a couple of products or thousands, Bestsellers reSort can help you automate your product collections across a variety of locations.

So, why is product organization so important?

The answer is simple. Cast your mind back to when you last perused an online store. There's a good chance you clicked on a product collection and started at the top and gradually worked your way down. So, as an ecommerce shop owner, you'll need to put some thought into how you order your wares to encourage maximum sales.

This app focuses on the following three aspects of your ecommerce business:

  1. Increasing your sales: Bestsellers reSort allows you to sort and categorize products and analyze your shoppers buying cycles and preferences to optimize your customers’ online experience with your shop. This results in more sales for you and better experience for your customers.
  2. Prioritizing your most popular products: You can sort products by revenue or sales, which makes pushing your sold out items further down your product catalog so much easier. Bestsellers reSort also makes it simple to organize your inventory using tags, or you can promote products manually – the choice is yours.
  3. Organizing products to drive ROI: It's hardly surprising that well-organized product collections sell better, which, in turn, leads to an increase in your ROI.

Bestsellers reSort

The Main Features

Bestsellers reSort allows you to organize your merchandise by setting ‘rules,' for instance:

  • Featured Products – Your featured products are placed at the top of your product collection. This comes in especially handy for promoting seasonal or special items over a period of time. Just set the rule and then cancel it once the promotion's over. This rule can be set per collection.
  • Promote New Products – You can set new product arrivals to sit at the top of a collection for a specified time period.
  • Promote ‘Back in Stock' Products – Again, you can place these to the top of your collection and specify the total quantity or the quantity change.
  • Order Products by Tags – You can organize your tagged products by placing them in the order you want them to appear.
  • Out-of-Stock Products – You can automatically push out of stock items to the bottom of a collection.

In addition to all the above, you can also automatically sort and order merchandise using the following filters:

  • Revenue generated (over a specified time)*
  • Number of sales (over a specified time)*
  • By discount (percentage or dollar amount).
  • Sort by tags (you can import and/or export the tags you want to sort by)
  • Sort by gross profit (dollar amount)
  • Sort by inventory quantity (in stock)
  • By date (the date you either published or created the product listing)
  • By product title
  • By price

This is just to name a few!

*You can set this timeframe between one and 360 days.

Bestsellers reSort's Customer Support

We love that Bestsellers reSort regularly releases new updates and improvements to enhance the quality of this Shopify app. In terms of customer support, you can use a chat bubble from within the app or email their team on [email protected]. Their responses are said to be both quick and useful.

Bestsellers reSort

Who Should Use Bestsellers reSort?

There are tons of ways this Shopify app could be used. But, to give you a better feel for its versatility, here are a few examples:

1. If you're selling food online (or other perishable items), they'll have an expiration date. So, using Bestsellers reSort, you can place products due to expire soon higher in your product catalog using tags. Perhaps you could also run these products at a reduced price to try and sell this potentially dead stock faster?

2. If all your products are unique? You could randomize the order products appear in your product catalog. This works wonders for ensuring your store looks fresh and alive every time someone visits it.

3. If you're running an online fashion boutique, you could use tags to organize your collections by seasons, years, colors, styles, etc. This comes in handy for both organizing, promoting, and ordering new stock.

How Much Does Bestsellers reSort Cost?

Bestsellers reSort offers four different packages, all which come with a seven-day free trial, which we've gone into more detail below:

The Bronze Package

The Bronze plan is free to install and is suitable for stores with up to 49 products and 99 collections. This is what you'll get with this bundle:

  • Automation
  • You can sort by revenue/sales/tags
  • You can sort by publish/creation date
  • You can push sold-out products further down your product catalogs
  • Access to other custom sorting rules
  • 24/7 Support

The Silver Package

The Silver plan is Bestsellers reSort‘s first paid-for plan ($6.99 a month). You get everything in the freemium version, but this is for slightly larger online stores that list up to 499 products across 99 collections.

The Gold Bundle

Again, the key upgrades here are the number of products Bestsellers reSort can handle for you. For $11.99 a month, you can manage a digital store selling up to 4,999 products across 99 collections. Of course, you'll get all the other features we've previously listed in the Free plan.

The Platinum Plan

This is Bestsellers reSort's most extensive plan and is best suited to stores selling up to 9,999 products with 100 – 300 collections. Again, you'll get access to all the other features listed above. The Platinum bundle will set you back $16.99 a month.

Bestsellers reSort

Feedback from the Customers

  • Customers report enjoying a boost in conversion rate after installing and using Bestsellers reSort.
  • Users free up a lot of time, as organizing product collection would otherwise involve tons of manual work – especially if you have a store with thousands of products.
  • You can focus on advertising the products you have in stock.
  • Set-up is easy and does not require theme modifications.
  • Customer support is amicable, quick, and helpful

Ready to Start Using Bestsellers reSort?

If having read this review you think Bestsellers reSort could be the perfect fit for your business, why not take advantage of their week-long free trial? This is certainly worth a try if you're struggling to organize vast quantities of products on your online store!

If you're thinking of using Bestsellers reSort, let us know in the comments box below. Or, if you've had any experience utilizing this Shopify app, tell us how you found it. We look forward to chatting with you soon!

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