Shopify Ping Review: Customer Conversations at a Glance

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Do you find the customer service bit in your line of work as an ecommerce merchant a bit baffling? Maybe you're using the wrong chatting tools. Ever heard of Shopify Ping?

If you're unfamiliar about this stunning app, it's undoubted that Shopify really caught you off-guard. But that doesn't matter anymore. You're now on the right track. At least, from now henceforth. Ordinarily, a merchant needs to communicate with their customers every so often.

Of course, it's part of building a reputable customer relationship. At times, potential customers might need you to show them how to go about making a purchase from your online store. That aside, they need to get some sort of affirmation that the goods ordered will reach their respective doorsteps.

But the expedition doesn't end here.

In most instances, you'll not only need to manage your marketing campaigns but also reply to customers' messages, all at the same time. However, it's not practical to jump from one app to another aimlessly, just to do such tasks. Seems like Shopify Ping was built out of necessity.

In actual sense, this is where it comes into play. So let's find out what it has in store for us.

Shopify Ping Overview

shopify ping homepage

Well, Shopify Ping is only a year old. Shopify launched this chatting app to streamline conversations between merchants and customers. So just you know, this messaging app is absolutely free. This iOS app is ideal for a merchant who wants to grow their businesses by sorting their marketing workflows and customer conversations at one single point.

Keep in mind, the fact that your customer is always the boss. That being said, Shopify Ping brings on board convenience for the customers whenever they want to make a purchase. As a matter of fact, you won't need any extra app to communicate with customers. As you may know, most cart abandonment issues are as a result of a cumbersome checkout process. But if you incorporate Shopify Ping, that will no longer be the case.

And here's why.

Since the business chat app is compatible with iOS devices, customers can automatically pay for all orders via Apple Pay. On top of that, Shopify Ping enhances your capacity to speedily respond to questions raised by customers. For any store owner, it's the perfect platform to boost sales by a significant margin.

Apple Business Chat lets you close deals in a professional manner by letting you have the messages button on each page of your online store. From this end, a visitor can promptly make all sorts of inquiries about your products.

How about the Kit?

Shopify Ping has a kit which comes in handy when you want to align your marketing strategies.

This kit will always chip in anytime you want to run email campaigns, do Facebook ads, retargeting campaigns, just to name a few. It integrates with your preferred apps. Remember, Shopify Ping works perfectly with Apple Busines Chat. Connecting your Facebook messenger channel to Shopify Ping is a 3-step process;

  • Go to Shopify Ping home screen on your device and tap click the ‘apps' icon

shopify ping - connect app

  • Choose the app you want to connect (eg Facebook messenger)
  • Tap the toggle to Enable Ping

Simply put, the Kit is an automated built-in business assistant which is meant to handle such tasks via simple yet detailed conversations.

But here's the catch.

Kit pushes notifications based on the kind of information it captures in the conversations. It's more of a digital marketing assistant, taking into account, the fact that you can also use it to run Instagram ads on your behalf. You must know that it doesn't just manage your ads, but also recommends a couple of relevant keywords.

On the flipside, it slightly restricts you from making some customizations, in particular, to the kind of audience you're interested in.

But that's not all

Think of it as a means to attract more customers. If you give your customers a flawless shopping experience, high chances are, they'll come back to your store every now and then. Owing to the fact that your store and customer conversations are all integrated, Ping makes it easy for you to share products and discount codes from one interface.

shopify ping reply

Customers can pay via Apple Pay without leaving the chat. This implies that you can help a buyer make a purchase instantly by walking them through the entire checkout process.

Shopify Ping: Why do you need this tool?

By use of Ping and Kit, a merchant can save time and avoid using multiple tools to achieve the same results. Shopify has plans to bring the Android version in the market very soon. From the look of things, this sounds promising since sellers can run their stores at the convenience of their phones no matter the operating system.

This chat assistant is more likely going to boost your sales. And not that I'm vouching for Ping. Fact is, a merchant gets to draw more attention from customers if they can successfully engage in an interactive conversation. This app is indispensable for a Shopify store owner who really needs a live chat platform to maintain an irresistible bond between their brand and potential customers.

shopify ping messages

Shopify Ping is suitable for merchants who want to give their customers a mobile support service in real-time. Besides that, the Kit helps you manage your business in a friendly and conversational manner.  It shows results for the frequently asked questions and gives answers to all shipping related queries.

Shopify Ping Pros

  • It's entirely free. You don't need to pay a dime.
  • It elevates the chances to make more sales
  • Comes with automated marketing workflows
  • You won't miss out on all customers' queries

Shopify Ping Cons

  • Small merchants are somewhat restricted to making campaign customizations.

Final Verdict

It's undeniable how fitting this app is for Shopify merchants. Numbers don't lie. At the present moment, over half of the 600,000 merchants use this app to run their business operations. It's an alternative solution to strengthen customer relationship and generate more sales.

On the customers' end, it's a favorable platform to ask appropriate questions about products and gain confidence in the merchant's online store before making a purchase. If at all you need to manage customer conversations in a businesslike manner, it's prudent to put Shopify Ping into consideration.

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