10 Google Analytics Resources for Ecommercers

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One of the best free data analysis tools out there is without a doubt Google Analytics. It's also a favorite topic of conversation, so, before we proceed further, you might want to check out our previous “discussion” about how to use analytics and research before and after opening an online shop.

Now I want to add some more useful resources to this topic, mainly articles and guides on how to make the most of its potential. We selected 10, but there are more coming soon:

1. The Complete Guide to Setting up Google Analytics

First things first, so, for absolute beginners this Complete Guide to Setting up Google Analytics is a great way to start your adventure into analytics. Free analytics. This guide will help you set up, providing useful information about how to identify the code or the account structure you need.

2. Take Control Of Your Marketing Channels 

I’ll jump now to this article which is quite useful if you have to Calculate the ROI of Your Marketing Channels. In other words, it helps you capture campaign data to calculate your return on investment and ad spending.

3. The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics

This blog post deals with the simple steps any (small) business owner needs to know, but that’s not why they called it The Small Business Guide to Google Analytics. The reason is that this is a mini-guide/mini-site easy to grasp.

4. Understanding Web Analytics: Small Business Guide

For those who need more than just “first steps”, this next guide goes into details about basic statistics and walks you through all the main sections of Google Analytics. The title is self-explanatory.

5. How to Track Anything with Google Analytics

And, I bet you saw this one coming: How to Track Anything with Google Analytics. It will teach you how to track from outbound links to email sign ups and much more.

6. Guide To: Goals And Funnels In Google Analytics

If you’re not sure what “goals and funnels” are in Google Analytics, this Guide To: Goals And Funnels In Google Analytics will help you understand how to track your website’s success. From how to set up goal tracking to useful examples, you’ll find lots of handy info in here.

7. Why to Define Macro and Micro Goals

For those not sure what macro and micor goals are, try to read this article on Why to Define Macro and Micro Goals. Gotta set up those goals, but you gotta know what they mean too, right?

8. Tracking Product Journey from Carting to Purchasing

For an e-comm owner, this PDF guide will prove highly useful: Tracking Product Journey from Carting to Purchasing. Which means it will point out what you need to track at a certain point in your ecomm journey.

9.  Google Analytics for Ecommerce

This is a special blog post written by somebody from Google, who happens to know quite a lot about Google Analytics for Ecommerce. And, what do you know? That’s exactly what you need to know too. From how to how to create a tracking plan, implement the code, and then analyze the performance to how to set up analytics for your site, it’s all in there. Another great way to configure Google Analytics for ecommerce sites. 

10. 10 Actionable Google Analytics Tips

Actionable tips? Sounds better, right? This is more like a Top 10 tips about Google Analytics. Read this and you'll find out how to keep tabs on 404 error pages or even plot multiple rows of data. Among many other things.

And don't forget to share your own. Cheers!

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