Shopify Handles the Pressure of Flash Sales

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From Black Friday blowouts to attention-generating big press exposures, online stores need to be able to handle massive online traffic and convert that traffic into sales. If an online store isn’t supported by a reliable ecommerce platform, business owners could quickly find themselves drowning in the tsunami of visitors that flood a website during a flash sale or Black Friday event. And if their webstore crashes, they can lose hundreds of sales in a single hour! So how do business avoid this kind of disaster? They choose platforms like Shopify as their ecommerce solution.

Shopify’s ability to handle large amounts of online traffic has to do with the fact that the company put a lot of work into making sure their server grid could handle the influx of sales that happen around Cyber Monday and Black Friday – the biggest shopping weekends of the year.1 Shopify uses a global network of state-of-the-art, blazing fast servers combined with a best-in-class Content Delivery Network (CDN) to make sure their sites stay up and running even during major traffic spikes.2 As a result, the Shopify server is well-equipped to respond to a variety of different occurrences that might drive heavy traffic to an online store.

For example, if a business is featured on a popular TV show such as Shark Tank or Good Morning America, the exposure from an appearance can drive many viewers to visit a business’ online store. After Rachael Mann and Mackenzie Burdick appeared on Shark Tank to pitch their body jewelry business Litter, over 250,000 visitors flocked to their online store.3 And while this number might seem small in comparison to the 200,000 visitors per hour that some stores experience on Black Friday, the point is that Shopify can handle online traffic of all shapes and sizes.

And even if your business isn’t going to be featured on popular T.V., server reliability like Shopify’s is still a great feature for any business selling online and considering holding a “flash sale” or “deal-of-the-day.” Take sites like The Chivery – the online store which sells merchandise and apparel branded by The company used a scarcity marketing technique to keep people wanting more with limited quantities and exclusive flash sales. And while the ubiquity of the Chive brand drove thousands of visitors to their webstore during a sales event, Shopify infrastructure guaranteed that their site didn’t go down.

So whether your business is going to be on Good Morning America or you are holding a “flash sale,” if you are selling products online, you need to ensure that your site stays up and running no matter how many visitors flock to your website. Going with a second-tier ecommerce platform might save a few dollars in upfront costs, but it will be far more costly in the long run. A platform like Shopify guarantees that you make the most out of heavy online traffic and will help you turn a flood of visitors into a flood of sales.

If you would like to know more about Shopify, then you can read the full review here.

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