Zhenhub – Warehousing & Fulfillment: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you heard of ZhenHub? If not, and you're handling your own logistics systems, then listen up because ZhenHub could make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Intrigued? Continue reading this review to find out more!

Whos's ZhenHub? What Do They Do?


Thanks to services like ZhenHub gone are the days where you're forced to waste time and effort with endless:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Paperwork
  • Emails
  • Skype calls

Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't have to the ‘norm.' It was because of all these grievances that Zhenhub made it their mission to provide businesses with a system that empowers them to: “get things from point A to B as seamlessly as possible so that selling something can finally become as easy buying it.”

So, they set about researching and listing all the problems ecommerce vendors face as they go about planning and executing their warehousing, packaging, and shipping processes — and sought to find the solutions.

You guessed it; it's these workarounds that laid the foundations of ZhenHub.

In short, ZhenHub provides a single cloud-based dashboard where you can plan and monitor all your logistics operations.

Now you have a brief overview of who ZhenHub is; let's take a look at their warehousing solution…

ZhenHub Warehousing


ZhenHub has partnered with tons of reliable warehouses dotted strategically around the globe. All of these warehouses have a few things in common. They provide:

  • Affordable storage for your wares
  • A secure order fulfillment system
  • A distribution network tailored to the needs of your business.

To date, ZhenHub boasts 18 warehouses (with plans for more) across eight countries and four continents. These locations are deliberately located close to some of the world’s more popular manufacturers and ecommerce markets.

Then once you're up and running, you can then monitor your warehouse's operational KPIs. Not only that, but ZhenHub also provides an interface that directly connects you and your warehouse staff. This works wonders for enhancing communication and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Some of ZhenHub's most notable warehousing features are as follows:

• You can automatically dispatch orders from the warehouse closest to your customers
• You can track the live transfer of your orders and other operational data in real-time.
• Access to accurate reports


Storage is a big deal. The last thing you want is for your precious wares to be knocked around from pillar to post as they make their way to the warehouse shelves or are stacked away in a storage unit.

This is why ZhenHub has fully equipped its warehouses with state-of-the-art facilities to keep your products safe and secure.

Pick and Pack

Every ZhenHub warehouse is run by experienced staff. They use ZhenHub's tried and tested system for accurately picking the product(s) your customers have ordered and packaging them, so they arrive in pristine condition.

ZhenHub's Software and Inventory Management Tools


ZhenHub provides customers with an intuitive platform that offers a one-stop-shop solution for planning and managing your inventory. By this we mean:

  • Finding a warehouse: Peruse ZhenHub's 18 warehouses and select the ones that best suit the needs of your business.
  • Organizing and shipping your products: ZhenHub provides plenty of ecommerce integrations that allow you to import all your product and order details from your ecommerce store (via whatever ecommerce platform you're using). You can have this done and dusted within a matter of clicks. It's also effortless to edit both your product and order details from inside of the ZhenHub dashboard. You also have full control over when your order's ready for shipping.
  • Tracking your deliveries: You can monitor your shipments every step of the way. ZhenHub provides continuous and real-time updates on the whereabouts of your packages.

If you've read any business or digital marketing blogs, you'll know that automating as much of your business as possible is imperative for success.

That's why ZhenHub provides users with a handy automation toggle, which permits you to finalize and ship orders instantly, i.e., as soon as the orders by your customers, they're processed and shipped. As you can imagine, this saves you and your team tons of time and effort!

Here are some of other key ZhenHub inventory management features:

  • You can connect with all the “locations” you're already using, including distribution centers, warehouses, retail stores, office storerooms,
    fulfillment centers, etc.
  • Gain instant access to your global inventory. This empowers you to respond much quicker to the needs of your customers.
  • Connect and manage product catalogs via one centralized system, by keeping track of incoming and outgoing stock (including multi-channel product listings).
  • Access to customizable price sheets
  • You can make stock adjustments via ZhenHub's dashboard.

Big Data Business Analytics

Big data analytics are essential for digging deep into immense volumes of operational data. To be frank, it's the only sensible way anyone can make sense of this kind of information. That's why ZhenHub provides invaluable insights into both the operational efficiency of your company as well as your customer's preferences.

These are the kinds of insights you'll get with ZhenHub:

• Problem areas regarding funnel points are highlighted
• Customer order preferences, demographics, and locations
• Live cost analysis
• Cost simulations
• Supplier performance

Multi-Channel Management


The rise of the ecommerce industry has lead to an increase in both global and multi-channel selling. This is why ZhenHub provides one centralized dashboard where you can monitor and manage your inventory across all of your sales channels (both online and offline).

ZhenHub provides several native plugins to popular sales platforms, including Shopify, the Walmart Marketplace, Amazon, and eBay.


ZhenHub is explicitly designed to communicate and work alongside other systems so that data can be sent and received by a variety of software quickly and efficiently.

Not only do you have access to ZhenHub's native integrations, but you can also customize and use your own (as long as you have the know-how).

The Benefits of Zhenhub


Let's take a look at some of the perks of using Zhenhub:

You Can Customize Customer Notifications

ZhenHub automatically notifies your customers on the status of their delivery with real-time tracking information. So, rest assured, customers will always know the whereabouts of their orders. You can also customize the fonts, logos, and messaging of these notifications.

Robust Shipment Tracking

We've already touched on ZhenHub's shipment tracking functionality, but it's so impressive that we wanted to expand on it a little more. All you (or your customers) have to do is enter your shipment tracking number into the system. Then, you can monitor your shipment in real-time.

To date, ZhenHub currently integrates with as many as 587 international couriers, including household names like Australia Post, UPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Assistance with Warehouse Management

From the convenience of ZhenHub‘s software, you can check the stock levels for all your different warehouses. You can also allocate specific warehouses to service the needs of particular sales channels.

Plus, you can generate reports for individual warehouses in an instant; this comes in especially handy if you're hoping to scale and grow your business.

Quick and Powerful Reporting

On the subject of generating fast and compelling insights, you can also produce reports on the following items:

  • Sales
  • Inventory
  • Shipment

As you can imagine, these reports provide all the information you need to forecast your profits better. Not to mention, place you in a superior position to make more informed business decisions.

Customs Clearance is a Breeze

Getting your wares cleared through customs can be a hassle, which is why ZhenHub has equipped themselves with all the knowledge and resources they need to get your orders through customs like a pro. So, you don't need to worry about this.

ZhenHub's Pricing is Transparent

You can use ZhenHub‘s rates calculator to get an accurate feel for how much ZhenHub's software, warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping will cost you.

See more details on ZhenHub's pricing below.

It's Easy to Sign Up

Signing up and getting started with ZhenHub is easy. You just need to complete a five-minute questionnaire and upload your business registration form. ZhenHub then assesses your application and will get back to you within one business day. It really is that simple.

How Much Will ZhenHub Set Me Back?

Based on annual billing, here are all the paid-for plans ZhenHub has to offer (Please note, if billed monthly the costs are slightly different):

The Free Plan:

  • You can process 50 online orders a month
  • Access 50 shipment trackings a month
  • One ecommerce integration
  • One location
  • One user

The Starter Plan: $29 a Month:

  • 1500 online orders a month
  • 200 shipment tracking a month
  • Two ecommerce integrations
  • Two locations
  • Ten users

The Standard Plan: $69 a Month:

  • 10,000 online orders a month
  • 1500 shipment tracking a month
  • Three ecommerce integrations
  • Five locations
  • 15 users

The Professional Plan: $179 a Month:

  • 30,000 online orders a month
  • 3,500 shipment tracking a month
  • Five ecommerce integrations
  • Ten locations
  • 20 users

Based on monthly billing, the prices are slightly higher: $39 a month for the Starter Plan, $79 a month for the Standard Plan, and $239 a month for the Professional Plan.

Ready to Start Using ZhenHub?

Having read everything that ZhenHub has to offer, it's clear why so many Fortune 500 companies have adopted this solution.

Are you considering using ZhenHub to help you handle your logistics needs? Or, are you using this solution already? Either way, we'd love to hear from you in the comments box below. Speak soon!

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