Olark Review: Is it One of The Best Live Chat Tools?

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Don’t you just hate it when something goes wrong and you have to wait hours for an email response or phone support service?

The best time to solve an issue is right when it happens. Live chat for website, allows you to give your customers quick answers to questions about your products or services.

Guess what?  Customers are more impressed with the company that makes support easy, instantaneous and hassle-free.

Olark is one of the most popular live chat apps that reduces operating costs and increases sales. Before we go any further on how to do this, let’s first cover the basics of what Olark has to offer.

Olark Review: What’s It All About?

Olark is a platform that allows you to chat directly with your website visitors. It boasts a clean, intuitive design that offers more than real-time chat.

Olark has solid integrations and incredible features to easily build and manage customer relationships. For instance, it helps you can see what your clients are doing on their screens.

Olark Review: Features

So let’s take a closer look at what Olark has to offer.

  1. Simple customization

Olark provides a variety of easy ways to customize the appearance of your chat window. You have the option of using a color wheel or hex number to incorporate your brand colors.

You can even let your customers picture who they are talking to by having headshots of your agents. A marketing tactic is to have a picture that relates to your buyer persona to boost the level of engagement.

You have the option to either pick from a list of languages provided or use the Olark API to customize into your preferred language.

  1. Automated messages

This feature is ideal for startups and small businesses. You find yourself taking on different roles to save on operating costs. Therefore, it’s nearly impossible to talk to every web visitor.

Automated messages come in handy as this helps you initiate a chat with anyone browsing on your site. Once someone responds, you can then take over the conversation and complete the sale.

This feature allows you to send automated messages based on the visitor’s browsing behavior, referring URL or their location. This helps you save time to focus on the business side of things.

  1. Real-time reporting

Real-time reporting is a feature that makes Olark stand out as a quality live chat for website app. It provides a quick view into all sorts of customer reports and chats histories of your agents to make better marketing strategies.

You can find out which days and what exact times of day you are busiest on chat. This helps you plan your staff schedule.

You can also find out if your customers are happy and what topics they often chat about. This will help you identify their pain points and look for ways to address and resolve them.

To do this, you click into a filtered view of high and low rated chats. Then you will get a glimpse of what your customers are saying. Conversation tags let you see the topics that come up often in chats.

With Olark, you can route chats to email if your team is offline. It also provides the option of getting email reports sent to your inbox. This helps you to monitor usage trends and share findings with the rest of the team to discuss the next plan of action.

  1. Unlimited conversations

The free Olark plan provides only 20 chats per month but the paid plan offers limitless conversations each month.

And guess what?

There is no added cost if your chat volumes get higher than usual. Olark’s per agent pricing caters to the number of team members who will be on chat.

  1. Real-time Chat

Olark provides instant access to salespeople and support staff so you can answer questions in real time. It also allows your customers minimal interruption so they can keep browsing as they chat.

Olark lets you set your chat schedule so that when you’re offline, visitors submit an email in the chat box.

  1. Searchable transcripts

The transcripts dashboard captures every conversation that goes on in your Olark chat box.  This helps agents share a conversation with a customer once it is complete.

You are able to see an entire conversation along with the visitor’s name, email, location as well as the chat rating. This feature also allows you to filter for chats that matter using tags, keywords and data range.

  1. Team management tools

Olark’s team management tools allow you to monitor agent performance and keep the team consistent in their responses. This helps protect your team from being overwhelmed.

You also get to see real-time agent activity reports that provide valuable insight into your agents. This lets you adjust your staffing and training as needed.

  1. Power-Ups

Power-ups enable you to give your Olark plan a boost. You can add, swap or remove power-ups any time and you just pay for the features you need. These power-ups offer specialized features for customer service and sales.

You can activate power-ups from your admin dashboard and no downloads or third party add-ons needed.

  1. Co-browsing

Olark offers the co-browsing feature that allows visitors to share their screens while on chat. This helps agents provide thorough guidance on purchasing, payment and shipping options. It also helps your agents address technical questions efficiently.

All you have to do is:

  • Ask for permission to start a co-browsing session
  • Look at the visitor’s screen while they browse your site
  • Use screen share to draw their attention to key features and options

Customers may not be able to find helpful articles in your website. These screen sharing capabilities come in handy.

  1. Integrations

Olark connects to CRM (customer relationship management) apps such as Salesforce, Highrise, and Hubspot. This helps you get information about your customers and link chats into their CRM profile.

Olark integrates with help desks such as Groove, Zendesk, and Desk to turn chats into support tickets for your records. It also integrates with e-commerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and WordPress.

  1. Targeted chat

The targeted chat feature helps automate decisions on how and when to interact with your visitors.  It lets you proactively engage customers, hide the chat box on specific pages and even block some visitors.

Olark Review: Pricing

Olark’s pricing is quite simple. They offer a free plan that only allows 20 individual conversations. Their premium plan provides different payment options. You can choose to pay monthly ($17), yearly ($15) or after every two years ($12).

Olark Review: Who Should Consider Using Olark?

Every company has specific business needs.  This means that there is no one-size-fits-all live chat software solution. Therefore, you must define your live chat objectives. Some of the goals businesses have for using a live chat app include:

  • Maximize customer satisfaction
  • Generate leads and increase sales
  • Reduce shopping cart abandonment
  • Complement existing self-service strategies such as FAQs.

Once you define your live chat objectives, it will be easier to implement the best chat process that works well with your existing business strategy.

Olark Review: Conclusion

Olark helps you provide answers to your website visitors in real time. While you’ll still need another app for email support, it’s still a valuable addition for your site.

When it comes to installation, here’s all you have to do: you can either paste its embed code into your website or install its extension into your ecommerce platform or CMS. This will only take a few minutes and it even works on hosted platforms such as Shopify.

What other features have you observed about Olark that we missed out in this review? Share with us in the comment box below.

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