Chargebacks911 Review: Minimize Chargebacks and Recover Revenue Lost

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Let's say a customer named Susan stops by your outdoor gear online store.

Susan purchases a gift to be sent to a friend. A month later she doesn't recognize the charge on her bill so she asks to have it refunded through her bank. This results in a potential chargeback for your ecommerce store.

The same goes for Steven, who comes to your site with fraud in mind. He buys a pair of boots, claims they were never delivered and asks his bank for a refund.

Now, one example is unintentional while the other is malicious, but both could end up costing your company big bucks if the chargebacks aren't handled properly.

That's where Charegbacks911 comes into the picture.

It's a service run by real dedicated account representatives. They analyze every chargeback through your store and run it through a process of deciding the most effective way to handle it.

Offerings From Chargebacks911

Chargebacks911 has two solutions, one for full-service customers who want all of the chargebacks to be handled by Chargebacks911, and another for self-service, where the customer purchases a software license and manages the dispute process themselves. The fullly managed service comes with a win-rate guarantee and gives the customer an option to pay based on performance.

What makes Chargebacks911 different?

I've seen various automated tools for handling chargebacks, but they all seem to leave money on the table. On the other hand, you might end up working with a company that's not as experienced in the ecommerce and chargeback world.

Alternatively, Chargebacks911 was created by merchants who have seen problems like these. The founders state that they'd tried various other solutions with nothing that actually takes over the entire chargeback dispute process for the merchant.

How Chargebacks911 Works

Since chargeback codes are so complex and hard to track, Chargebacks911 breaks down the dozens of codes into three easier ones:

  1. True criminal intent – Although true criminal intent is one of the less frequent forms of chargebacks, it involves stolen identities, stolen cards and other forms of fraud.
  2. Merchant error – From 10% to 20% of chargebacks occur because of this. Merchant error may happen if the merchant charges a customer twice or the incorrect amount.
  3. Friendly fraud – These account up to around 86% of the chargebacks, meaning the customer made a mistake on their end. For example, you might see this when a child buys an item with a parent's credit card or when a charge isn't recognized and the customer turns to their bank instead of resolving with the merchant.

When a merchant signs up for Chargebacks911, the service completes a 106-point diagnostic to identify anything that looks fishy from the start.

After the diagnostic, they then take on individual chargeback cases. So, if a new chargeback comes through the system, Chargebacks911 determines which of the three above codes/categories the instance falls into.

The company uses an 8-step process to figure this out, with questions like whether or not the issuer did what they were supposed to and what activity the customer has been getting into outside of your store.

What Happens After The Analysis?

If the chargeback is not related to true criminal intent, Chargebacks911 would dispute the chargeback on your behalf. Therefore, you can stick to your day-to-day while still recovering the most amount of money possible in the background.

It's interesting to see that the minimum reversal rate guarantee is at 40%. In my eyes this is far higher than anything you could dream to achieve by handling your own chargebacks. Along with flexible pricing and a combination of dedicate representatives and patented technology, you can't go wrong with Chargebacks911.

What Does the Dashboard and Service Look Like?

I figure most merchants will go with the full-service option. This way, you don't have to mess with many tools on your own. However, a dashboard is still provided for keeping an eye on your chargebacks and for seeing how Chargebacks911 is working for you.

Account Manager

An account manager is assigned for all full-service customers, so you're not placed into a support queue where you might end up speaking with a different person every time. This person knows your name and understands your business.

The Primary Dashboard Elements

The main reason you'll take a look at the Chargebacks911 dashboard is to see a full list of your chargebacks, along with the chargeback to transition ratio. This can be printed out and saved as a PDF.

As for the chargeback list, every single item is revealed to you, with the reason for the chargeback, ID number, date, amount and currency.

The chargebacks are shown in real-time reports, and each merchant can filter based on items like merchant accounts, post dates and transactions. Oh yea, and a date range filter is available to evaluate certain spikes in chargebacks. One report even determines the true cost of a transaction, giving you detailed information on how much these chargebacks are affecting your business on a transactional level.

I particularly enjoy the report that delivers the percent of chargebacks by transaction per month. In short, you're given the reports needed to stay informed about your business's chargebacks, but the gritty work is all handled by Chargebacks911. It's the first time I've seen a system like this.

Who Should Consider Chargebacks911?

About 60% of Chargebacks911's customers are in the United States, with another 40% as international customers. They have offices in the US and Europe, making it readily available to a wide range of locations.

Overall, I would recommend Chargebacks911 to any online business owner that is constantly scratching their head at the site of chargebacks. Like we stated before, chargebacks are complicated and boring, so it's nice to see a company that brings back more money to your business without having you do any of the work.

If you have any questions about this Chargebacks911 review, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also get started with Chargebacks911 right here.

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