Yotpo Reviews and Pricing: What’s It All About? Reveal Pricing and Features

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Yotpo reviews are generally positive across the Internet for the popular content-based marketing app. Anyone who has even a small e-commerce site should at least consider trying out Yotpo. That goes for brick-and-mortar retail stores as well as e-commerce companies. The app's built-in features have already made it a favorite among online marketers.

Yotpo Reviews: What's It All About?

What's all the talk about? It's about people selecting Yotpo in order to ramp up their marketing strategies. The key factor in Yotpo's success so far has been its ability to let owners generate multiple reviews for their products. After the reviews are in place, it's easy to select the best and most impressive ones to use as marketing tools.

The designers of Yotpo made it an e-commerce app that's plug-and-play and has the power to round up more authentic reviews that any similar apps on the market currently. Users of the app can easily see the look of the review postings via mobile screens before publishing them. The beauty of Yotpo is that it lets even the tiniest businesses leverage their positive customer reviews for maximum impact.

Plus, it's easy to embed Yotpo so that is sits in front of the biggest stream of incoming review traffic. That way, it gathers more reviews faster, and the user has more to work with on the marketing end. The central goals of most marketing efforts are visibility and credibility. Yotpo's review-gathering muscle works to assist with both of those efforts.

Want your paid search advertisements to perform better? Turn to the Yotpo suite of features, a driven-by-process set of components that synergistically work together to maximize organic visits to your site. No matter a consumer's preference, Yotpo puts powerful tools into marketersโ€™ hands that can attract most anyone to a site.

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Actually, the “big idea” that gave birth to Yotpo was the concept of converting website visitors into buyers. There were already hundreds of apps that attempted to achieve this simple but tricky task. The problem was the trust connection. Former buyers have more trust in a product, by definition, than new buyers do.

But Yotpo is able to use and signpost that trust, via reviews, and pump up the conversion numbers much higher than other apps had been able to. The primary way Yotpo does this neat trick is by keeping tabs on every single customer who has ever traversed the line between the outside world and your website. The app is also capable of tracking users who might not have purchased, but who in fact showed interest in a service or product on your site.

Yotpo works on ancient marketing principles. The real work begins not before or during a sale, but after it! The idea is to build a connection to customers and bring them back, time and time again. That way, they buy more of the same, and other, products in your online or brick-and-mortar store. Yotpo calls these features “retention tools” but they're much more than that.

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Not only does Yotpo “retain” loyal customers, it engages them via email offers, coupons, news, and all sorts of social interactions that keep them in the fold. The app does this sort of super-follow-up by leveraging social platforms to share content and make sure those positive reviews get seen by as many eyes as possible.

That translates into higher rates of traffic, more conversions, more sales, and of course higher profits for owners. But Yotpo wouldn't be successful without a reasonable price point for all this great functionality. That's why they are the clear leader in this market segment. Not only are their prices realistic and fair, but they offer a worthwhile free trial so anyone can test drive the app.

What are the Benefits of Yotpo?

Yotpo can ramp up traffic to a business website in all sorts of ways. It does its magic in an outside-the-box fashion by motivating site visitors. By leveraging trust that's already been earned (in reviews), the app bypasses the old-school methods of relying on product quality. New buyers see fresh reviews and automatically become part of a “family of buyers.”

New and established sellers can take advantage of Yotpo's power. When buyers realize they're not alone, and indeed a large group of previous buyers are very happy with the same product, a bond is formed. Yotpo's clever re-invention of key marketing concepts means that when a customer shows up on your site to purchase a product, that is actually the beginning, not the end, of the selling cycle.

That precise moment is the time for engagement, for making sure buyers know they're part of a larger group, for gathering enough data to support a long chain of follow up engagement after the initial buy. The old adage from the restaurant business, “Regular customers are gold,” is the kernel of the concept behind the unique wizardry of Yotpo.

One of the more ingenious recent developments with Yotpo is its ability to achieve what it calls “social content curation.” This is the app's ability to seek out and collect the highest quality content (that's been generated by users) on sites like Instagram, Twitter and others.

The app then uses that content to create rights management, photo/image discovery, retail feeds, and other components that lead directly to higher conversion rates for the user's site. Potential and past customers are driven directly from those social sites to your products and media pieces that consumers are looking for.

On top of all that creative business generation and customer retention, Yotpo has built a high grade analytics suite. The suite's components are able to squeeze every bit of usable data from the user-generated-content stream and come up with relevant reports.

What is in these reports? Valuable information about the best ways to optimize your sales effort, the full story on your conversion numbers and much more. Everything is put into a series of graphs and charts within an easy to use dashboard.

From there, it's simple to get a full visual understanding of what has been working and what hasn't been doing so well. This is “the gold,” where any e-commerce professional or small business owner can adjust marketing tactics for the better. This is what Yotpo is all about. Bringing customers back is one thing. But offering analytics that show how each step of the effort is working is the real juice in the magic concoction of Yotpo.

As if analytics and all the other unique features of Yotpo were not enough, the app offer the standard menu of marketing tools most entrepreneurs have come to expect. These include things like retention features, marketing functionality, SEO capabilities, generation of reviews, and ads for social media. The full power of Yotpo allows owners to boost return on ad revenue significantly.

It's also easy to leverage Yotpo for sticking close to advertising and social trends on platforms like Instagram, a key driver of so many retail sales. It's simple to generate product/service reviews when you need them via email forms, apps on mobile devices and other methods.

There's even a built-in algorithm set that helps Yotpo know which traffic is high-quality and which traffic is just “so-so.” In other words, when the correct product is viewed by the right consumer, there's potential for a very positive review. New or unknown customers are indicated by the algorithm as less likely to leave a highly favorable review.

It is these fine points of differentiation that make Yotpo much more that a common “marketing app.” It's power combined with its ingenious design make it something much more than that.

Yotpo Reviews and Features

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The standard suite of Yotpo features includes commenting, coupons, dedicated support, community Q and A, mail after purchase, power-enhanced analytics, plug-and-play, look and feel customization, moderation tools, e-commerce platform support, converting one-time shoppers into return customers, 25-plus language support, and tools for creating SEO content from reviews.

What Marketing Problems Does Yotpo Address?

Companies who are not getting the number of reviews they want turn to Yotpo's “mail after purchase” functionality. That's because this feature of Yotpo is able to make the reviewing process easier for customers and more streamlined overall.

Another key problem that even large companies face is being unable to leverage their good reviews. Positive customer comments are the life blood of a thriving, growing business and should be used accordingly. A good review, properly used, can be a powerful marketing weapon. Using them on the right search engines and active social networks will build a higher level of trust for your brand, bring more traffic to the main website, and eventually lead to better conversion rates.

Too many companies neglect customer engagement. It's a fact of business that customers who pen reviews are four times more apt to purchase from you again. A review should be the start of a commercial relationship with a customer, not the end of the line.

That's why Yotpo was designed to respond to those good words and comments, and email former buyers with surveys, coupons and questions from new customers. All these efforts work to keep the happy customers coming back to the place that made them happy, your website.

Yotpo Pricing

yotpo pricing

Yotpo offers both a free trial and a free set of features for anyone who wants to use them. There's also a “Growth Plan” that costs $29 per month and operates as a tiered pricing arrangement. The more orders your company has each month, the higher the price is.

After you reach the 500-order level, it's time to opt for one of the customized pricing plans based on your sales activity. But the free trial and free plan are quite powerful in themselves.

Here is what's included for zero dollars per month:

  • Product & Site Reviews,
  • Smart Review Reminders,
  • Import Existing Reviews,
  • Manual Review Requests,
  • Star Ratings, Reviews Badge,
  • Reviews Tab, SEO page,
  • Reviews Carousel,
  • Commenting on Reviews,
  • Coupons,
  • Email Upselling,
  • Social Sharing, Manual & Automatic Social Push,
  • Rich Snippets (for supported platforms),
  • Dashboard,
  • Moderation.

The next level up is called “Powerhouse” and is priced according to individual quotes from Yotpo. It includes all the above features along with these extras:

All Free plan features:

  • HTML Editor,
  • Custom Review Forms,
  • Invoice-Based Review Request,
  • Widget CSS Editor,
  • Community Q&A,
  • Facebook Reviews Tab,
  • HubSpot Integration,
  • Yotpo Ads for Facebook,
  • Google Product Listing Ads,
  • Inline SEO,
  • Help Desk Moderation,
  • Promoted Products,
  • Product Blacklist,
  • Grouping Products,
  • Live Moderation โ€“ 3 seats, and Dedicated Client Success Manager

Finally, Yotpo's top tier of pricing is called “Visual Marketing” and is actually an add-on to the Powerhouse plan. It of course includes all the Powerhouse features along with the following:

  • Social Curation from Instagram,
  • User-Generated Photos,
  • Visual UGC Gallery,
  • Photos Carousel,
  • Shoppable Instagram,
  • Yotpo Ads for Instagram,
  • Social Push with Customer Photos,
  • Pinterest Push

Is Yotpo Worth the Price?

The verdict on Yotpo is that it is well worth the price. There are several reasons to say so. First, the company has come up with a unique product that solves all kinds of business challenges.

Specifically, it effectively drives new customers to a site and helps bring satisfied customers back. Thatโ€™s the key to its success.

The free trial and free plan are a smart way for e-commerce professionals to try Yotpo out and see how they like it. If it seems to be doing the trick, then it makes sense to opt for a higher price tier. There is a slight disadvantage to the fact that the higher tiers are by quote only. It would be easier to evaluate Yotpoโ€™s cost-effectiveness and overall value if those higher tier prices were standardized, or at least a bit more transparent.

Even so, the Yotpo app has proven itself as a success and has won over millions of satisfied users.

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